Hong Kong Sindhis: Living in a Bubble!

I grew up amongst the very flamboyant Sindhi community in Hong Kong. I lived in a bubble surrounded by fancy restaurants, a great school, exquisite parties and pretty much the best things money could buy. And that was all I knew. For any occasion, a birthday, anniversary, Diwali, the entire community found themselves gathering together to celebrate. Tailors would go into overtime as the ladies were determined to outdo each other with their clothes while they showed off their big diamonds. And because I grew up amidst the glamsham, it seemed normal. I had no understanding of the world outside Hong Kong. We vacationed and even then, it was the best hotels, food and cars galore. And then I left the country and moved to America. All of a sudden I realized that there was a life beyond the fancies I grew up in. People struggled to make a decent living, an thought I was aware of, but didn't believe I would witness.

It's been just under a decade since I left Hong Kong and what surprises me is how much the community has evolved (read: not at all!). It's strange but for the life of me, I actually assumed that Hong Kong Sindhis would have moved on from the shosha but apparently, they are still living a time capsule. Courtesy of Facebook, I manage to witness the numerous amounts of events that take place regularly in the city at fancy restaurants and bars. And what surprises me that even now the creme de la creme of Hong Kong still party like its the millennium, which is great - live it up people, but have no issues throwing their money around for no reason. Every time I am told of an extravagant lavish affair, I always ask, "Oh! Is this for charity?" And then the answer comes simply, "No." This isn't to say that there isn't a certain part of the community who are driven differently and realize that there is a sensible way to spend their money as long as it goes into helping other people who are not as fortunate as them. However, for the most part, it simply is a good time or in my opinion, a waste of time as it serves no real purpose.

But what do we expect of a community that thrives on moolah? Look, its great to be inspired, driven, ambitious and wanting to have a good time. But somewhere amidst running from kitty party to satsang and then to a fancy dinner, it wouldn't hurt to spare a minute to think or contribute outside your bubble. Nor would it hurt to teach your kids to do the same.

So here is what I propose or challenge.

To all the Sindhi Auntys: Instead of wearing two diamond rings, how about just one? And the cash you would use for ring number 2, you donate to women who need a home. I assure you, the Kitty aunties won't judge you even though your pretty manicured fingers will lack a diamond ring.

To the Sindhi Uncles: Sell a car and donate the proceedings to a charity. Yes, you'll be a car short but guess what? You live in Hong Kong where the public transportation is not only one of the best in the world but accessible and cheap.

To the young Sindhi folks: Step out of your bubble people. Instead of spending every Friday night frolicking at Lan Kwai Fong drinking the night away, take that time and money, and put it to good use. Dedicate your time to an charity that needs volunteers.

Have you truly really evolved? Prove it.

Update March 6th, 2011: Just Saying...


Unknown said...

Good message, it also made me realize that the north indian punjabi's are no different. The same showoff is pretty much the part of the community. A father doesn't have money to buy a car but still a large amount of money will be spent on the big fat punjabi weddings. As you said the people need to come out of the bubble.

Dimple M. said...

You have no idea how much this post cracked me up. I love you to the moon and back for writing this, no joke.

Hemant Wadhwani said...

If you need help implementing this strategy, I will personally talk to everyone about all the charitable needs of Sindhis in India and Sindh, Pakistan especially post-floods and what other Sindhis around the world are actually doing to improve the world. They can take a look at tiyatienhealth.org (liberia), saya.org (nyc), chhayacdc.org (nyc), sunshinetrust.org (india), nlvs.org (chicago) as examples where sindhis have taken leadership roles.

Sindhi Association of North America said...

Great. Sindhis are in peril now. Due to floods entire nations is going through pain. donate to UNICEF, UNDP, OXfam, SANALIST,ORG and other organizations working on flood relief in Sindh.

Sindhi Association of North America said...

Yes, Sindhis are going through one of the worst natural disaster in the history...floods. Help you fellows in Sindh. Read more about it on http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/oct/04/pakistan-floods-plight-sindh-province

donate to undp unicef oxfam redcross care international sanalist.org and other org working in sindh

Unknown said...

So true Roshini,a wonderful message for all of us.I would definitely like to hear what the youngsters have to say about it,because they are the torch bearers of the future.

Chaos said...

thoughts well put, I m surely gonna come back to this blog more often

Anonymous said...

Very well written Roshni. This post actually sums up the situation in urban India today. There is such a craze for wealth, brands and other trappings of modern life that basic values and principles have long been left behind.

Anonymous said...

What a load of trash this article is. this is for people that haven't made it in life and can't stand it cos others have. Mr. Hemant I think you should wear a white koorta pyjama and sit in pune. not in your tight jeans living in jersey!

Ks said...

Firstly, i truly do not believe that evolution has anything to do with charity. People have worked hard for this money that you are trying to give it to the poorer communities. Ambition has never hurt anyone and if they can earn that money, why shouldn't they flout it?

You have rich communities in every country that you go to and its a pity really, that you have not experienced the rich side of the world in America.

I don't think the answer lies in selling cars and jewels so donate it to people who don't enjoy such wealth.

The answer lies in making changes. In educating the youths of the world. In striving for equality in the world.

Then again, isn't it the American Dream to own such cars and diamond rings?

Anonymous said...

I like your article very much however I think there is a catch 22.

People who don't have wealth per se always complain about the people who do have it all? Ask the person who has nothing - would they always be extra genereous? Some might and most would be plain selfish. (I think it's human nature)

Oh and don't just blame the SINDHIS - The Jews, Arabs, rich Hong Kong Chinese all do the same ... Flaunt and forget that there is a world outside of their bubble. I personally know rich non-Sindhis who live in Hong Kong who tell girls who get less than 3 carat engagement rings "how terrible they feel for them" since their fiance can't afford a bigger rock.

I think there are actually alot of rich Sindhis in Hong Kong who do give money to charity but they don't really show it. They live well (Because it's their right) but I think many don't forget to give back to the poor ..

Over all a very well written article but don't forget Sindhi youths who are exposed to 5* education also adopt the lifestyles of the people they have interacted with over the years.

I think the ultimate message is - Sindhis have come a long way with no homeland, no language etc and are displaced in the world ... Sometimes people just need gentle nudges to be put back on track :) Overall Sindhis are a great community - we have come a long way from nothing :)


Anonymous said...

Don't take everything literally. You don't need to SELL your cars or jewels. Just spare a little extra change (which for many of the rich is BIG BUCKS).

Sindhi Doctor said...

Roshni...based on observations regarding your frustration, jealousy and bitterness for wealthy Sindhi's, as a doctor, I believe the only the only cure for your sickness is as follows:

a) A Rich Sindhi Boyfriend
b) A Rich Sindhi Husband
c) A Rich Sindhi Man who is willing to adopt you

I highly recommend option "B"

Goodluck to you

HK Sindhi said...

Wow, you wreak of jealousy...

Grow up, and practice what u preach as shown on your Vision page - "Live and let live!"

And if your so passionate about volunteer work, why don't you lead by example, and then blog it to tell the whole world how holy you are!!

Jashna Suresh Partabrai said...

I find your article to be greatly offensive, totally mis-informative and more than anything, EXTREMELY PATRONIZING.
I think it would be wise to do a proper analysis before writing something so opiniated and prejudice that attacks a
specific society.

You comment on some really sensitive and personal issues such as charity, parenting, life style and money management.
It is most certainly not your place to write about such things at such a personal level, especially since it is all
negatively focused and based on stereotypes.

Firstly, in your article you have made a generalisation and have in a way labelled ALL Hong Kong sindhis to be how
you have described. The specific groups of people you are attacking are only part of the community, and not the WHOLE
community. A very stupid generalisation to make !

I would like to point out that in fact there are occasions that are held by the Sindhi Community in Hong Kong which
are for a charitable cause. A recent example: YEG Community Chest FUnd Gala Ball (September 25th 2010).
An example for volunteering: Sadhu Vaswani Centre monthly seva.
Giving to charity is something very personal and close to one's heart, and such a good and noble deed should
definitely not be belittled to the so called 'challenges' you proposed to our Aunties and Uncles. There is no law that
says - 'YOU MUST DONATE X AMOUNT PER YEAR', it is an optional action that some may take on and some may not. If
the law itself has no authority to impose this on people, who do you think you are proposing such challenges and
passing judgements on our society for a lack of charity??

Criticising the values our parents are instilling in us is not your concern and moreoverI can't believe you even
had the courage to question this. Please inform me what gives you the right to make conclusions that our parents
don't teach us to 'think or contribute outside your bubble'. Personally, my upbringing has been focused on family
orientated values such as helping and respecting elders - I think this is something that you can't find in a number
of families in America - the place where you came to your so called realization.

You must be really naiive if you think that America is the only place that has people struggle to make a living -
There are people all over the world that face this struggle, and just because the ratio in Hong Kong is lower doesn't
mean there aren't people with the same difficulties here.

For your information, having money and enjoying it is not a crime. The 'flamboyant' people over here are just enjoying
their hard earned money - what is wrong with that?? It is not wrong for them to dine at fancy restaurants, give their
children an expensive education, attend exquisite parties, wear diamonds, or have many cars. It's not like they are
supporting this lavish lifestyle with money that is stolen - it is their own money so they have every right to spend
it the way they want. You shouldn't pass judgement and advise people on how to spend their own money. How could
you even think about 'challenging' Aunties and Uncles in this matter - that is definitely disrespectful.

Just so you know, the Indian community contributes a substantial percentage to the GDP of Hong Kong and as the Sindhis
are the largest group of Indians in Hong Kong, our community has a fair part in that statistic. So if you didn't think
so negatively, you would realise that a benefit does come out of this 'bubble' life.

There are hints of what you described in every single society - it is just how the dynamics of society work. It is
unfair to single out Hong Kong Sindhis and attack them like this. We do realise that there is a life beyond the fancies
that we grew up in, but to hate on us for living in a life of fancies is not just.

You have an admirable fondness for writing - don't mis-use this talent by attacking specific societies and adding to stereotypes.
- Jashna Suresh Partabrai

Monesh32 said...

Eh..Don't really know much about HK Sindhis..but it seems like it has it's fair share of great people coupled with "not-so-great" people, as evidenced by some comments.

Roshni, you are right in that folks should take the more philanthropic approach when deciding how they want to distribute money..."monetary exhibitionism" at its finest hardy contributes to humankind, but rather just increases one's utility (happiness), which everyone seems to be focusing on.

I think the key point in all this is for folks to really understand their own tipping point in regards to their utility. As we all may know, marginal utility diminishes after a certain point. So if spending money on parties, gambling, alcohol makes them happy...do it as much as you want…just recognize the point where money is squandered past your own "tipping point" and contribute whatever excess you would have spent on something that helps the world become a better place.

Anonymous said...

How about forgetting about who wrote it and just focusing on the msg. If you're someone that gives back, then this article wasn't for you. If you do not then consider this as a WAKE UP CALL.
It makes no sense attacking the writer. I'm sure she was coming from a good place, stop being such haters people!

Pooja U said...

Wow....you are soo mis-informed, I kinda feel sorry for you.
Before preaching about what HK people should do, why don't you actaully FIND OUT what's happening in the city that you left over a Decade ago. Snooping around Facebook might give you insight into the Parties in HK, but there is SO much more going on here.
Please don't post ignorant babble, without having ways of backing up your facts.

A Proud to be HK-girl!

Anonymous said...

Don't you find it quite unfair to pick on "HK" Sindhis just because you saw a few affairs and events here and there on facebook AND that you used to live here??? Let me also emphasize "USED TO"...therefore implying you are talking about what you know and saw 10 years ago...plus how can you use "Facebook" as a RELIABLE and REALISTIC source for your article??? FACEBOOK first of all is a public place where people would obviously try to sound and look their best by posting their fancy smancy pictures of them at dinners, diwali balls with their best sarees & diamonds...or them on vacation etc etc...anyway, besides the point, as a writer, facebook is the most dumbest place to look at or use as for your source for your article??? dont you think so???

Additionally, Why aren't /don't you focus on the sindhis where you are living?... or direct this article to sindhis in GENERAL ???....rather than pick on HK people, seeing as you left this place nearly 10 years ago ...

Anonymous said...

I bet you wrote this article just to vent your anger out on the fact that you have moved to that side of the world where things are very expensive and tax is required so that now you cant afford to have a little fun other than insult us "HK" sindhis.

Anonymous said...

U sound like a spoiled brat.. grow up and stop judging people

Naresh Moorjani (Torremolinos Spain) said...

Hi Roshni, This is Naresh Moorjani from Torremolinos Spain and congrats for having the guts to speak up frankly and boldly for something human and rite. Congrats for not being hipocrate and fake, those sindhis who have come up from misery thru hook or crook will never be human nor their siblings.royalty and being noble does not come with money u need to be born with it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100% I am a true Sindhi who left India almost 50 Years ago, Its time we do something all of us to Help our Sindhis, to gain a homeland as time goes by there will be NO more sindhis, culture, or anything.
Look at the Gujratis how united they r for themself, and made Gujrat one of the most Richest state.
Lets not be Petty about small things lets Work ALL together HELp all sindhis, to keep our, culture, language, and unity together ,as we are best Buisness people in the world, Every corner of the world You will FIND a SINDHI we r the best lets make it happen
Las Vegas the Fun or the Sin capittol of the world

Anonymous said...

roshini, i admire your courage, to tell the truth,which applies to all communities , not just sindhis. it is true that sindhis like to show off more than some other communities. i donot think that you tried to tell people , what they should do, you tried to express your view point that one should follow the principle of simle living and high thinking. we should realise that there was time , in our life when we came as regugeees from pakistan and hoped that some one will help us , so that we can have comfortable life. even our dada vaswani advices us to live simple life and help the poor and needy. so roshini there is nothing wrong in you expressing the noble thoughts, only the ignorant people who did not understand your message, made all the stupid comments to put you down.keep doing the good work and donot be discouraged by negative comments.please keep writting.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I'm a HK Sindhi who left over a decade ago to come to the US. While on the outset and superficially, I agree with alot of what you are saying, I do think that there is a lot more to Hong Kong than you give them credit for. It is very easy to judge.

Yes, there are people in the US who need a home, food, clothes etc but what about those people who choose to collect welfare because its easier? What about those that choose not to work because it's easier to collect unemployment checks from the government? What about wealthy Americans who live a very extravagant lifestyle.

Hong Kong is Hong Kong because of the extremely hard working people who have gone there and made something of themselves. Why don't you comment on the fact that the same people you see partying and going to lavish affairs are the ones that work incredibly hard to make a living? Aren't they teaching their children those values too?

I suggest that instead of just focusing on the negative, be fair and balanced and focus on the positive too.

You cannot make generalizations that people are not philanthropic. On the contrary. I think you are greatly misinformed.

Anonymous said...

What a crock of crap! I too was born and bred in Hong Kong with the same flamboyance you seem to talk about. What you fail to understand is that even though these "moolah making Sindhis" live it up, they also give a lot back to the community. They help each other in times of crises and need. You need to wake up and get your facts straight luv! Most of us are philanthropists in disguise! Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it ain't there!

Anonymous said...


I was raised in the exact same community you're referring to, and quite frankly, am thrilled that someone else shares my views. After moving to Toronto, I realized this exact same thing. I've been spoilt for most of my life, and while I am grateful for the privileged upbringing I had, I am not so grateful for the bubble. I've even mentioned to my parents that Sindhis in HK live in this bubble where they're not really affected by the world around us, thus sheltering us from experiences that would have made us well-rounded people. Only when we go abroad do we understand how sheltered our lives have been - for instance, my friends here in Toronto were shocked that I had only ever listened to Bollywood, bhajans and Top 40 music for most of my life, whilst they had been raised on classic rock 'n roll.

Sindhis who have bashed you for this article - I do not agree with you, although you're well within your rights to have this opinion. To each their own, I suppose. However, upon my return to HK from my first year at university, I slowly began to understand that the society that I had grown up in was very limiting - we restrain ourselves from so much, merely because society condemns it. Sindhi girls should not date anyone who isn't Sindhi, because you shouldn't marry anyone but a Sindhi, unless the man you marry is open to becoming exactly like your parents. Sindhi girls have to be a cut above the rest, because society and our parents will be horrified and embarrassed for us acting like hooligans or something. Newsflash: WE ARE HUMAN. Therefore, we are entitled to make mistakes. We are no better than any First Nations, Chinese or European person, so why do we insist on these delusions of grandeur sprouted from such needlessly upper-class lifestyles and a strict "moral" code (read: society's limitations)? I, for one, believe that HK Sindhis need a reality check - there is an entire world out there that is not quite as...frivolous as HK Sindhis are (and I was before university). I suggest you go out and discover it.

Sorry about the rant, but in a nutshell, fantastic message, you're a girl after my own heart. High-five!

Anonymous said...

I will keep this brief but your article clearly proves how naive and ignorant you are. Within your long winded ramble was a good message but was totally overshadowed by your JUDGEMENTAL arrogance.

Tha Undacova Brotha said...

The argument I think that is really upsetting readers is that this writer is "challenging" HK's Sindhi society to give to charity and to instill values in their children, implying that they don't already. It's one thing to have a positive message and call on Sindhis to unite and give back to the community, but this writer seems to have a different motive. She has described HK's Sindhi society negatively for what seems like a personal reason. And what's worse is that she has used the subjects of charity and values to justify it.

Shame on you Roshni! Stop drinking the hatorade. ;)

Anonymous said...

Every successful community has their flouting of wealth. Whether it be the Ambanis (Gujeratis) or the Heffners, Trumps, all of Hollywood etc. (Americans) or the Mallyas or all of Bollywood and anybody else. Are you so biased against your own community that you can't look beyond your nose? Wake up girl, it's not just the Sindhis who flaunt their wealth. Every community have their philanthropists and their black sheep. Look at the world as a whole and notbe specifically critical to alleviate your own guilt. In every country it is known that sindhis will "kill" each other rather than working together as a bonded community. You have just confirmed this. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to comment on the blog as that would be passing judgment ... and I'm not here to do that. But what I will say is that true charity is never advertised. It is born of compassion for other living beings ... and if done in the true spirit then it's given with one hand such that the other never knows.

Random Thoughts said...

Kudos..well said..especially saying things in public against a very vindictive group of individuals...

Anonymous said...

ROSHNI- If HK Sindhis put up pictures of the charity work they really did and all the sevaas they engaged in- you would STILL write an article of how they are show offs and flamboyant and only do charity for the Name and Fame of it and don’t really have true intentions of contributing to society or the under privileged.

U truly lived in a bubble yourself while out here,I am a Sindhi girl who grew up in HK and DID NOT have the best education or dined in the best restaurants or had the best holidays. BUT would I have done it all if I had it all? Hell Yes!

Y not admire people that have worked so hard for what they have and for what they can provide their next generation with instead of writing a clearly JEALOUS-of- it -all article.

The fact that you are spending lots of your time on facebook looking at the glamorous life some people are privileged to live - clearly shows how envious you are of it all.

Don't hate people for having a fab life and def do not stereo type people for the sake of what you individually experienced or see on facebook. You would think being a writer should take more research than that?

Educated Sindhi said...


First and foremost, for those of you who found this article, condescending, patronizing or whatever need to open your eyes!!!

We Sindhis are constantly trying to compete with each other- who has a better watch, car, ring etc. I grew up in the Caribbean and the Sindhis there are no different. I was blessed to have parents that understood that money is not everything and that an education really matters. Being a Sindhi girl, marriage is the fist topic discussed, not where you plan to go to school or what you plan to become. Everybody automatically assumes you will marry rich and be a housewife. I have had friends who take that path- shop by day and party by night.
Roshni points out one flaw in our society- the show off aspect. And I agree philanthropy is important but how about instead of getting drunk every weekend and comparing who had the better dress, put that time and energy and do something for yourself and get an education. It is so sad to Sindhi families (especially ones with their own business- HK tailors and Caribbean jewelers- tell their children to just run the business and not further their own dreams and aspirations.

Second, this comparison and show off has led us to turn against each other. This competition has turned into a war. Everyone is jealous of the next person. It is so sad, there are not many Sindhis, we are a dieing population, and we are fighting amongst ourselves. That too for who had the better car, shoes, diamonds etc. IT IS PATHETIC! We should appreciate our rich heritage and bond with our fellow Sindhis over our language, customs and culture, not back-bitting and gossiping about this aunty or that girl or that uncle.We are such a small community, we should stand strong and let people see the best of us, not the worst of us.

It is about time someone stood up and addressed the issue with our society! I am proud of you Roshni! I hope you get more positive feedback and create awareness about this issue.

Anonymous said...

Roshni Must Congralute you for Being Bold & Letting the Sindhi Community how HIPOCRATIC they are, How very true, Our Community in Hong Hong TRUELY Lives In A BUBBLE.
Very Few in the Community have stepped forward towards the Welfare of the Community, unlike other Communities in the World. It's SAD but TRUE that We are "SELF CENTERED" God Bless you & Don't give up being Frank. Warm Regards.

Rani Rashmi Moriani said...

Whoa...such a big deal over one small article?

Now given the fact that you have generalized the whole of HK sindhis in that one post, its understandable why so many people are getting offended.

This article definitely has some truth to it, but only for a fraction of people in the society.

There are many on the other side, who do a lot of charity work but that doesn't mean one should flaunt about it because that itself will defeat the purpose of charity.

It is said that if you are doing any seva/ charity work, its best done anonymously.

Having said that, all the hate mail or comments you are getting is quite silly.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and just because one expresses it, that doesn't make it the TRUTH.

There are always 3 sides to the story.

My side, Your side and the Truth.

Hope your search for the truth will be your purpose for the next visit to our beautiful city of Hong Kong.

Love & Light
Rani Rashmi Moriani

Anonymous said...

What a great way of creating a "buzz" around what you wrote (Roshni) You seem like a writer who craves the attention. That's not a bad thing, specially if you could write (you're no better than a tenth grader at writing). Unfortunately, your blog seems to be a complete failure and to get the attention, all you did was target and criticize a specific group to spark their attention. F*****G L***R

Sheena Shahani said...

I live in the UAE and the same happens in Dubai - the top 200 elitist members of the party hopping crowd - the so called fashionistas and trendsetters - must wear a new designer number for every do they attend.Besides the diamonds, the Jimmy Choos and the fancy cars. And they simply luvvvvv to see their pictures in tabloids.

Livin' The Good Life (Hong Kong) said...

My mom always told me this since I was a young adolescent 'WHAT THE RIGHT HAND GIVES (to charity) EVEN THE LEFT HAND SHOULDN'T KNOW'

Charity is very personal, how much people give what they give or how they give, is not your or anyone's business Nor is it your place to challenge anyone to do so.
People do not need to sell a car or buy a diamond less, to prove to YOU that they do donate to charities nor do people need to announce that they are being charitable.

If people live well, have nice things and can afford it, why do you make it sound like that's not a good thing.

If you could have a porsche, bentley and a merc, why? wouldn't you like that? I sure as hell would!
Who doesn't want the good things in life. You are a liar if you say you don't.

Nonetheless, it doesn't mean HK Sindhis that live the good life, don't contribute or give back. Besides who are you to question them. They are living off their own hard earned cash. Seeing that you left a decade ago, you seem to have no idea what's really going on in HK as your living in your own little bubble seeing the rest of the world through facebook.

Your article is based on no sound research other than facebook which is nothing but a social network where everyone obviously puts their best foot forward.

Regarding parents instilling good values and teaching their kids to lend a hand in giving, I think you are completely out of line there by questioning Aunties and Uncles about their Parenting methods.

Honestly, the kind of culture, morals and values I see in some the HK Sindhi kids, I haven't seen in Sindhi kids from else where.

I ask, why just Hong Kong Sindhis and not the rest of the world?? If you really have a Message you'd like to send out regarding how we 'THE HUMAN RACE' rather than JUST HK SINDHIS should join hands and help our fellow people in need, then do so. STOP picking on a particular group of people just because you feel like they have it better than you. You probably don't know how to say it any other way but sounds like you'd Rather be in A HK SINDHI'S GlamSham Jimmy Choo's!

After reading all the comments on your blog, I'd like to hear what you have say in response...

Looks like to me from majority of the responses like you shot a bullet in your own foot.

Get your facts straight and no FB is really not the best source of factual information.

Peace out...

Col. M Masand said...

what is anybody's objection to Sindhis enjoying in HK ? It is their life ? Who are we to teach them what to do ? You live your life let sindhis in HK live theirs ?!?
Cheers !

Anonymous said...

hi roshni,
just read ur msg and m a north indian jain married to a sindhi.i believe u're seeing only one obvious superfluos aspect of the community.i can truly say that sindhi's ROCK!!!!
they make the best husbands and they do charity in there own way.u r talking about charity thats noticable but theres a saying that when one does charity even the other hand should not know whats given.they know how to live life and the children r bringing loads of awareness about the world ,home.u cant escape it,its taught in schools.and god do they work hard.i think the world should learn from them.to work hard.party harder and do charity without making a big hoolah about it.by the way a lot of my relatives and frnds r in the US and they just long to party in india and hkg.we had to make them aware to contribute to r charities as r rich frnds in hkg would do.
m a northindian jain and i can vouch for the lavish weddings and craze for fab jewelry but also i know about the mindboggling charity they do that is not publisized.america has a long way to go to bring such responsibility in the hearts of its common man,who r depending on the govt for supporting them rather than working hard and saving and then partying.an average indian is living the great american dream.even my maid wears diamonds(although small).this is india progressing.

Anonymous said...

Roshni you live in the USA? Isn't it true that the USA consumes 25% of the world's resources but only constitues 4% of the world's population. In my opinion, just by living there and using that country's resources you are supporting that cause. I mean why not, you are enjoying the comforts of that country? Furthermore USA is known for being one of the most materialistic and consumer-driven places in the whole world today. I think you need to sort out the country you live in first before you point at other people across the border. Of course that would actually take more work than just typing up a rant on www.blogger.com. But something tells me you already know that, and the only reason you write your blogs is for the attention? Aren't you therefore just the same as the 4 carat diamond wearing sindhi Aunty in Hong Kong, both of you seeking attention to fuel your egos so you can feel special since you know no other way? I hope I am mistaken, for your sake. As for the Sindhi Aunty, I could care less, I am too busy concentrating on improving myself rather than focusing on how to improve others. It is said "When you point a finger at others, four fingers point back at you". I don't need to leave my name on this message, because I don't really care for the attention. Its all really immature don't you think Rosh? Hopefully this will strike a chord, but it is said, those who talk alot, may not hear much. And those who hear alot, may not listen much. It is as unlikely that the Hong Kong sindhi's will listen to you, as you will be to listen to one of them. So really? This whole blog is actually the biggest waste of time. And I wish I had been doing something else now instead of typing this wasteful blog garbage!

Anonymous said...

A Hong Kong Sindhi when he returns to Devlali, Pune, Ulhasnagar, Mumbai wears a Shinning Suit in Summer even when visiting to buy a Paan. You can imagine the rest from this. What more to say?

Anonymous said...

I say to Col M Masand of 4March 2011:
Bhau, how are you?

Anonymous said...

Despite your article touching on many true elements of a sindhi lifestyle, I, myself have many sindhi friends, and despite some being superficial, many are not.

But, to be less biased, start looking at other communities who thrive on moolah... its unfair to isolate the Sindhi community as "Living in a Bubble"

Anonymous said...

This is so true...The Sindhis I know in Hong Kong are the most vain, most splurgey people I know - and really don't integrate with anyone else in Hong Kong, Chinese, Western, Korean etc.. They host 'fashion shows' as an excuse to dress up and think that they are models they so dearly want to be.... and call it a charity event, spending lavish amounts on unnecessary 'luxuries' in the end donating very little to charitable causes they couldn't care less about.
I don't know what bubble they think they are living in - but if they really want to be somebody, not just another Sindhi with Uncle's credit card from Holiday Inn, why not go out and start a charity? Perhaps one that is not just helping Indian people (There other people in need too). I don't see many Sindhis as doctors and lawyers, or as career driven executives either - I only see them in the 'family business'.

Anonymous said...

I am a sindhi and all I know about them are as follows:

Very good Lawyers
Very good Doctors
Very good Engineers
Very well mannered Career Driven Executives

Businessmen (Sindhis and Non Sindhis, all are same)

So stop spreading venom about my friends who are struggling very hard to make a mark of their good deeds without any support. I support all good sindhis and non sindhis alike who are progressing on their path without publicity.


Dont be de-moralized by Ms. Roshni the hypocrite. By making a blog she can not dominate the sindhis in a ridiculous way.

I am an Engineer, My whole family is of engineers, doctors, lawyers and executives.

We are very much hurt by all these silly things......Try to educate few sindhis you are representing but you can not demoralize all my good brothers.


Around the world, Sindhi parents have worked really hard to give the kind of lifestyle they give to their kids..and the same parents do a lot of charity too..Ur article is based on just elite sindhi people of Hongkong bcoz u grew up there..the world is not in Hongkong but..Hongkong is in the world (a reminder--just in case, if u forgot). One more thing..Sindhi people are one of the finest living creatures globally..

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of the upper east side of new york... xoxo

Anonymous said...

All you guys need to go get a life!

Anonymous said...

Having read the article and some of the comments, I am left somewhat confused.
The Sindhi community that I know of is bright, ambitious, largely successful and gives back in droves to charity.
You only have to look at the history of the Hindu Sindhis to fully appreciate the journey that our community has taken.
If people wish to flaunt their wealth and have a little fun, what harm is there- after all the spending of money is also a way of increasing wealth around you? (Homage to Adam Smith)
All countries have their rich and poor.
I personally think we should be proud that we come from such a resilient race, to rise so quickly from nothing and adapt to new environments.
I would urge you to read more of the Sindhi diaspora,and the religious beliefs which separates us from other Hindus, and generally try and have more compassion and understanding - rather than this casual and somewhat brutal attack of a race that one day you will be happy you were cosseted in.
I would also suggest you read up on the Sindhi forefathers who actually helped provide safe passage to the Hindu Sindhis at the time of partition.
I am Sindhi and proud- and if I have 10 diamond rings and 10 cars to flaunt, so be it. It is entirely my business- and you, young lady, should grow up and stop pouting!

milkplus said...

To all the Jew Auntys: Instead of wearing two diamond rings, how about just one? And the cash you would use for ring number 2, you donate to women who need a home. I assure you, the Kitty aunties won't judge you even though your pretty manicured fingers will lack a diamond ring.

To the Jew Uncles: Sell a car and donate the proceedings to a charity. Yes, you'll be a car short but guess what? You live in New York where the public transportation is not only one of the best in the world but accessible and cheap.

To the young jew folks: Step out of your bubble people. Instead of spending every Friday night frolicking at Lan Kwai Fong drinking the night away, take that time and money, and put it to good use. Dedicate your time to an charity that needs volunteers.

...anyone who lives in america knows the aforementioned statements would destroy your entire professional life in minutes...too bad sindhis dont control huge governments...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You Sindhi's are just a bloody huge joke! I've not met one honest sindhi. U lot are amoral and worst than anything else are big cheats! Get a grip! Live an honest life!


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