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In a world of irresponsible journalism, Roshni Mulchandani would like to think she is one of the few remaining conscientious writers left. It is for this very reason and also her immense passion for writing that she decided to take up journalism as an alternate career choice. After graduating from Berkeley College, New York with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Roshni found herself creatively jaded by the corporate world. It was then that she realized that it was time for her to throw away her inhibitions and finally pursue a career in writing.

With her forte being in film writing, Bollywood specifically, Roshni then became a part of BollySpice, a popular online site dedicated to the Hindi film industry. Within nine months of being an active writer for the site, she was then promoted to Editor. Her role as one of three editors included organizing monthly reviews, networking with production houses and public relation companies as well as writing features, reviews and daily tidbits.

Very quickly, she found herself writing for a number of acclaimed magazines locally within the United States including India Currents (California) and City Masala (Florida). Her features for these publications included previewing local events, featuring local and international Desi’s as well as penning her very own Bollywood column, “Masala Talks Bollywood” for City Masala.

Roshni’s freelance portfolio boasts of articles which have been published in many renowned Indian magazines. Her first assignment was for Hi!Blitz where she featured the ex-actress and now social worker Somy Ali. From then on, she has worked for the magazine highlighting a number of famous American-Indians including David Sani (Miyagi Eyewear) and Shamim Sarif (filmmaker). She was later approached by Hi! Living, another magazine also associated with Vijay Mallya Media, where she was asked to spotlight Omi Vaidya of 3 Idiots fame and many other famous personalities. She is currently working on a number of interviews for both magazines. Roshni’s accomplishments also include piecing a story on Naeem Khan (Naeem Khan Designs) and Alka Tolani (Tolani Collections) for ELLE India.

Roshni also writes for the following publications which are located all over the world: Exhibit (India), Eclectic (India), VIBES (India), The Sindhian (India), Bharat Ratna (Hong Kong) and Beyond Sindh (Hong Kong). These magazines each have a large readership and are distributed globally. She also pens for a number of online sites which individually allow writers to discuss their ideas and opinions regarding a number of topics. Additionally, her writing contributions to Dsplaced ( was greatly appreciated and were included in the first volume of the published Dsplaced e-zine.

Currently besides writing for these publications, Roshni also owns her own blog Roshni Write Now ( where you can often find her ranting over a number of subjects. She has also blogged for Mumbaikar ( where she wrote about issues related to the city of Mumbai. Using her keen editing skills she has acquired, Roshni is also editing a book for a new writer. Previously, Roshni owned her own e-zine, Roshni Magazine. From this threshold, she was able to “highlight spotlight and feature” a number of unknown Indians whose work was undermined and virtually unknown all over the world. She is working on profiling and featuring up and coming talented writers, designers and actors.

Her blog contains a number of columns she pens exclusively for Roshni Write Now including: Behind The Dupatta, aims to bring to the forefront a number of topics related to modern India and the contemporary Indian woman; Roshni [Live], a column dedicated to media bytes and quickies from Bollywood; Politically Roshni Incorrect; a column about all things that irk Roshni and lastly, Desi Girl Talks Cricket, where you can read about Roshni's favorite sport, cricket, through her eyes - a Desi girl's perspective.

Roshni has been writing for just over two years. In this time, a number of her articles have been featured and honored by popular blogging sites including Blog Adda ( Additionally, she was voted as the writer of the year in 2009 and 2010 at Eager to dabble in all areas of the media, Roshni previously hosted a segment on Manoranjan Radio ( ) before she became the host of FilmiTalkies (, a weekly podcast dedicated to Bollywood.

Roshni possesses a unique writing style which has been labeled as youthful and rare. There is a no nonsense touch to her writing which sets her apart from many other freelance writers. She believes that in a world where the media is at the reader’s disposal, it is important and vital to deliver sincere information. Roshni aims to continue reporting in the entertainment and social arenas; keeping it honest as she climbs the ladder to writing success. She will walk the road of words until she fulfills her goals and ambition of being a one of a kind writer in all areas of writing. Watch out, you will see more of her work in many prevalent publications. This is just the beginning of her long journey in writing. For more information, please take a peek at her porfolio site (

“I’m happiest when I lose myself in a world of words, and even happier when they are read.”


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