This page is dedicated to my favorite city in the world: Mumbai! While everyone complains nonstop about the pollution, the dirt, the crowds, the weather and so on, I wear blinders that prevent me from seeing or hearing anything anti-Mumbai. I may travel the world, but at heart I am a Bombaywalli!

"Karan thought: So this is Bombay, monster muse, part witch, part clown, always absurd, often charming - my rogue ballad; this is Bombay, meri jaan." Siddharth Dhanvant Sanghvi (The Lost Flamingoes of Bombay)

"A city like Bombay, like New York, that is a recent creation on the planet and does not have a substantial indigenous population, is full of restless people. Those who have come here have not been at ease somewhere else. And unlike others who may have been equally uncomfortable wherever they came from, these people got up and moved. As I have discovered, having once moved, it is difficult to stop moving."— Suketu Mehta (Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found)

"Ai dil hai mushakil jeena yahaan, zara hat ke, zara bach ke, ye hai bambai meri jaan" — Mohammed Rafi (C.I.D. 1956)

"They call it hot, I call it warm. They call it a crowd, I call it a party. They call em brats, I call them brothers (sisters in my case).They call them drunk, I call them happy. They call it bad, I call it bliss.They call it traffic, I call it a festival.They call it dirty, I call it dressed. They call it a sinner, I call it a saint. They call it barren, I call it loam. They call it Mumbai, I call it home!" — Random SMS

"...he desperately needed time to work on his collection, to articulate his private and wounded sense of adulthood, its disquiet, innocence, amity and discord, all of which was being played out against the stark, taut canvas of Bombay." — Siddharth Dhanvant Sanghvi (The Lost Flamingoes of Bombay)

"He had expected a big city to provide shelter of able, poignant companionship but Bombay had only introduced him to varying species of loneliness." Siddharth Dhanvant Sanghvi (The Lost Flamingoes of Bombay)

"Mumbai. my muse, whore and illusion" —Dhobi Ghat

"Bombay is a city in which everything is on broad, public display. Nothing is hidden." —Suketu Mehta

"To know Bombay is to know modern India." — Alex Perry (Bombay, City of Dreams: TIME Magazine)

"Laakh laakh roz aake bas jaate hai, iss sheher se is dil laga ke phas jaate hai, sone ki raahon mein soone ko jaaga nahi,shola hai ya hai bijuriya dil ki bajariya, bambai nagariya...." — Taxi No. 9211 (Lyrics by Vishal Dadlani)


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