About Me

"I’m happiest when I lose myself in a world of words, and even happier when they are read.”

I'm Roshni and in a nut shell, I love the Desi media! I play writer to a number of publications around the world related to Bollywood, fashion, politics, sports and pretty much all things India! I love to write more than anything else in the world and am incredibly fascinated by the media. Whether its the New York Times or supermarket Tabloids, I find their "information" addictive. I've been called "A-Walking-Talking-Stardust- Magazine." But there is more to me than just Bollywood news which I am always on top of. Roshni Live is news, gossip, glitz, glamour and banter from all corners of the world.

I've always wanted to write but it took me ages to finally succumb to my passion and fall at the feet of writing. And since it began, it has changed my life. It began with writing for the uber awesome BollySpice followed by a number of sites including  ELLE, Grazia, L'Officiel, LoudBeats, Hi! Blitz, Hi! Living, The Sindhian, The Bharat Ratna, Eclectic, Exhibit, Vibes and a whole lot more. My claim to fame (and it really did bring me lots) was my baby, Roshni Magazine. However, my hectic schedule didn't allow me to dedicate enough time to fully develop my webzine and thus, I had to let it go but only temporarily though. Roshni Magazine will be back; bigger and better at some point in time.

Roshni Write Now is where it all began really and has no organization or guideline. I write about everything I love, hate, want, can't have, interests me, bothers me, annoys me, inspires me and so on. Be warned: my blog is extremely opinionated. Feel free to comment or drop a line. Love it or hate it, you won't be able to ignore it! My blog is my humble abode simply because it houses everything I've ever written.

Writing (in all in facets: blogging, magazine writing, media bytes and so on), India (patriot number one right here), music, dancing and movies. Bollywood runs through my veins and my dil goes dhak-dhak for it. I've grown up watching movies and very quickly found myself obsessed with the world of Hindi movies. I've seen Bollywood progress from big hair and jhankar beats to slick modern pseudo globally competing movies. That said, I'll take Bollywood any way, any how, any day.  I love kheer, halwa-puri, chaats, the 90's, old school Hindi pop music, sushi, dim sum and my maa's food. I love people who are challenge the status quo, non-conformers and are anti-diplomacy. I advocate for the underdog and believe social reform needs to start with us before the democratic Indian government will realize it needs to listen to us, the future of India. I'd like to believe I am an agent of change because at the bottom of it all, we, the youth, need to be change we want to see. My greatest passion lies in the sport of Cricket! Ever since I can remember, I've loved the sport. And of course, I Bleed Blue, i.e. support Team India! I love being Indian and wouldn't want it any other. I'm happiest when I find some spare time to look over my childhood pictures; those bring me the most peace in my life. Oh and although I've never been, I have a kinky fascination with Paris! Someday...I'll go! And then there is my alter ego side; but you'll have to follow me on Twitter to catch that side of me.

I am who I is and so what I write is all, well, me! 


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