Behind the Dupatta
Dissecting the views, opinions and progression of the dupatta; The Indian Woman.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, my parents knew the importance of teaching us values, morals and integrity. The dupatta has immense value in my life. It symbolizes the core of who I stand for; the modern Indian woman. However, as much as we have progressed from being women who simply stood in the background unvoiced, there are Indian women in the subcontinent and around the world who deal with issues that exist and yet are simply swept under the carpet only to be never heard of or even dealt with. It all began when I saw an interesting film, White Rainbow. The film depicted the harsh brutalities that widows in India were forced to face irrespective of their social status and age. Throughout the film, the women hid behind white dupattas unable to voice their opinions, demands and wants. It was then I realized that this was a reality that still existed. And because I take my social obligations a bit seriously (my Father can vouch for that), I felt it was my duty as an Indian girl of the future, to bring these issues to the forefront in hopes that they will gain some attention and perhaps be resolved. Either way, it is important to highlight the ups and downs, high and lows, best and worst of the progression of the dupatta; the Indian woman.
The dupatta is simply a metaphor for the modern Indian woman. Just as the dupatta has moved on from being a symbolic accessory to a fashion one while still holding its core tradition intact, so has the Indian woman.
I'm always looking for stories -- good and bad, to highlight and feature so feel free to email me your ideas!
I hope as a reader, you will realize the true power of the dupatta and the Indian woman. Your opinions and feedback is always appreciated.
Advocating for the dupatta,
Roshni M. Mulchandani

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Desi Girl Talks Cricket

I've always been a cricket fan (glory glory India!). So this year, I decided to cover Team India during CWC 2011 through my eyes, a Desi girl's eyes, in a segment I've titled: Desi Girl Talks CWC 2011. I promise to be as objective as possible and will shed my bias towards The Men in Blue. You've heard what the boys have to say, now for the ladies!


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