Wall of Shame

I say what I want because I am the most opinionated person I know. And of course, because I have no shame, I talk or rather write without thinking, I get a lot of negative comments and hate emails. But this is what drives me; I love it! It feeds my ego and works as adrenaline. I present to you an accumulation of those comments and emails in what I call, "My Wall of Shame!" Check it out!  

In response to an article about Kareena Kapoor (For the record, I myself, am an avid Bebo fan!):

Hello Miss Roshni Mulchandani.....Since the last few weeks, the media are constantly bashing Kareen Kapoor...and the latest one is your article http://www.bollyspice.com/view.php/2395-kareena-feels-no-competition.html Well there's a limit to everything.....This time we, Bebo fans, can't take it anymore....
Aparently you think to highly of yourself...If you really want to write articles then do it properly and
as a true professional.First of all get your facts right before writing an article... Kareena NEVER compared herself to the up and coming girls in the industry....She was ASKED who among them she thinks deserve this
award...And her answer is right in my opinion...What did you expect??? Someone like Katrina with ordinary acting talent should get this? Or a 2 films old Deepika? So whats wrong if she feels there's a long way to
go for them?? She's right.... Also she never said her contempories don't come up to her standard...From where did you bring this up?? From Roshni's dreamland???  Instead of bashing people, go and write about what's happening in the world...about poverty...about financial crisis...write constructive articles....
Btw Miss Roshni I hope you receive an award for writing rubbish articles.....
Now if you find what we said to be harsh then look at your article first ...bashing of Kareena was not really necessary but u had to add your spicy element in it....Hence you can try and understand what we Bebo fans feel about her being bashed unnecessarily evry now and then....You won't really make a career out of bashing someone...Atleast fear God...He's looking at everyone up there...You are young...Am sure you'll have a great career...Best of luck....
Bebo fans

A comment on my blog entry regarding ill-versed Bollywood writers and bloggers:

Miki said... Being a writer shouldn't you educate people about Bollywood since your so passionate about it instead of calling them ill-versed?


Comments about my We Are Family Review:

wow, this is one biased review. i thought the movie was pretty good. it made me feel emotion, unlike most bollywood films these days. seriously, how many redbulls did you drink when you wrote this review? it's complete BS. if all movies were set in india you'd be complaining that they're all the same with no originality. i give the movie a thumbs up. this Roshni is on drugs.

hahaha sorry ur review made me laugh! so cynical! failed to appreciate the message of the movie completely! FAIL! And Kajol did not howl and make a scene! lol again another FAIL! She handled it the best she could, and I bet if someone else got cancer they would act much worse! she kept up her strength for her kids! 

Is this a review of WAF or an Anti-Dharma Production rally. Stick to your point dude. No need to take out your personal problems with Karan Johar on this. Your job is to write the review, and mind your business. Rest, leave on us.

i have seen the film...and if one loves their mother...they too will love this film...this review to me seems a bit unfair...the songs are nice...hamesha and forever...along w/ reham o karam...just seems like ur taste in music/movies is not ones with alot of emotions.....
Karan Johar's movies are cliches ... if you plan to go to see some art house film under his banner you are the retarded one.. don't bother with your reviews. Most people go to ogle at pretty scenes in his movie, and fluff in a major way. Please take your cinematic degree and shove it .. seriously .. don't take your self and your review seriously.


Facebook comments (panga, as I call it), aside from the comments under the post which are worth a read too, regarding HK Sindhi's in a Bubble post. Take a look at the "drama" I managed to cause.

"Roshni, in your dumb blog you describe Sindhis in HK as arrogant and selfish pricks who do absolutely nothing worthwhile. I find this ironic coming from someone who does nothing but blog about Bollywood chit chatter all day. Instead of sitt...ing on your computer taking ugly mug shots of yourself and blogging about your lesbian fantasies over Katrina Kaif, why don’t you sell your computer and move to Afghanistan and babysit the children over there. Do not complain about the way people party in HK. We work hard and party hard. If your boyfriend or girlfriend (whichever way you swing) only prefers to sit at home and play scrabble with you then good for you. There are plenty of people in HK that do a lot for the community but do not broadcast their life stories over the internet the way you do. I have travelled the world and the glamour scene is in every major city be it London, New York, Mumbai or Dubai. These “events” allow people to socialize, network and celebrate. Maybe if you actually lived in a cosmopolitan city like HK you would understand how the modern world really works. Get out of your bubble!!! My advice to the blogger (HK sindhi basher): Sell your computer, donate the funds to Afghanistan, and move there! You are obviously an amateur writer with little worldly experience. If you want we can donate all the proceeds from the next HK diwali ball to the “roshni write now” fund so that you can get more exposure and better understand what is really happening in the world."


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