Mirch Masala

With so much going on in the news, I figured it would be a good idea to give you guys a bit of this, a dash of that and pinch of everything; thus, Mirch Masala.

And if we're talking spicy, then Bipasha Basu is as hot as they get. But the normally incredibly smart girl has a rather odd reason for not wanting to get married. Are you ready for this? She doesn't like to get dressed up and naturally would need to over-deck for her own shaadi. Erm... considering we've seen the actress really doll up on screen, this one is a really strange reason for not wanting to get married! And if I was getting married to John Abraham, I'd find no reason not to get married.

Poor Nysa Devgn, that's Kajol and Ajay's daughter. The young girl managed to somehow convince Dad to take her to Disney this summer only for him to cancel. With Kajol preggers and unable to travel, it was going to be a Father-Daughter week away but work came in the way and poor Nysa is finding herself stuck at home all summer.

Priyanka Chopra has come out to finally reveal what kind of man she wants: "I like the male chauvinist Punjabi." Much like all of us, P.C.'s ideal man has been distorted by Bollywood films. She wants a guy who will fight tooth-and-nail for her and called herself a "complete drama-momma". Either way, she isn't looking to settle down anytime soon -- five years from now is when she would like to indulge in holy matrimony. Now looking at her track record, all her ex-beaus have been pure bred Punjabis: Harman Baweja, Shahid Kapoor and even Akshay Kumar (does he count?). Hmmm... perhaps she is hinting at one of these men as a prospective husband?

Oh and lastly, India Couture Week has moved from Mumbai to Delhi. And of course, it is creating much drama! Some designers are not going, others are upset for other reasons -- you know how the fashion world works: Drama-Rama galore! Either way, I'm excited to see some outrageous designs from some of the best in the country. And and and I will be keeping a close eye on the front row to see which celebs come out to support the designs. 

Source: Mid-Day and Times of India

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