Its Raining Films!!

Super excited for this weekend! Three release!! And all three happen to be off-beat unconventional films. Yeap, no commercial films this weekend. First up is Lamhaa which is based on Kashmir and stars Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu and Kunal Kapoor (yum!). Then is Udaan which has accolades written all over it. And last but not least is Tere Bin Laden which is a satire spoof but looks like crazy fun. Watch out for my reviews!

Did you know that Anil Kapoor is constantly looking in the media for excerpts of Sonam Kapoor? This may explain her apology to Shobhaa De. In the past if you remember, she had been in the news for calling Aishwarya an "Aunty" and of course for blatantly claiming that she doesn't even know Deepika Padukone. Yawn. I'm getting tired of her now.

Kajol wont be promoting We Are Family and no its not because she had a fallout with buddy Karan Johar. The lady is pregnant and so can't travel about as much. Thus, it is upon the shoulders of Arjun Rampal and Kareena Kapoor to do a lot of the promotion for the film all around country.

Oh this one was interesting. Salman Khan gave Raavan as miss! While a bunch of his team watched the film, Salman decided to abandon Raavan claiming he had gained immense love from the Tamilians in Sri Lanka and would not like to upset them. Upset them or not interested in seeing old flame Ash? Just asking.

Sources: Mid-Day and Hindustan Times

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