"R" for Rupee

I get excited about anything Indian. So in additional news, India has a brand new Rupee symbol and it is really quite awesome. My mother explained to me that the symbol is "Ra" in Hindi which makes up the R in Rupee. In actuality, it a beautiful mesh between an English R and the Sanskrit Ra. But it was a extremely disappointing to see how the new sign was presented to the country. There was no big bash or party, no press conference or even a public viewing. The new design comes from a very talented teacher in Tamil Nadu. But get this, a number of international coin designers wanted their designs to be considered however, the government finally zeroed in on the ultimately Indian design. Mr. Sanjaya Baru does a fabulous job of explaining the symbol, the details on it and even its history in his article Rupee Reborn. It really is a fab read!

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