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I've been so caught up in "Bleeding Blue" and more recently, following Anna Hazare's mission to ending corruption in India, that I feel like I've forgotten all about one of my other favorite loves: Bollywood! It would be a sad day in my life if I ever did. But no, my dearest Bollywood, I have not forgotten you. In fact, I've missed you heaps. So to myself back in filmy mode, I decided to countdown the top 10 pieces of Bollywood information (read: gossip), that is making the rounds this week. And considering that I've been out of it for a bit, this may actually enlighten me as much as you!

10. IPL Nights!: Well, of course I had to bring something cricket related into this post. Alright so it's pretty indirect but word has it that this year's IPL after parties will be filled with heaps of glamour as usual. However, this time, it will be Bollywood babes that will be rocking the parties. Man, all I want is to attend one! Just to see what all the hype is all about. Of course, you'll see the familiars, Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty, but expect more pretty Bollywood babes to be present.

9. Bips' Text Mess Up!: Bipasha Basu can sit on her pretty butt neither denying or accepting her break up with hottie John Abraham but hello, we aren't fools. So the actress apparently sent out an SMS to friends claiming that not only was she single but "being single was great!" And when the press got a hold of this information, her publicist came out with a boring reason claiming her phone was stolen blah, blah. Sure Bips.

8. Mallika in Vienna: So check this out. For the Romy Awards in Vienna (who and what are those?), no other actor from the industry was invited EXCEPT apni Mallika Sherawat. Needless to say, she's over the moon creating quite the fuss about it. She is apparently excited to meet European designers and filmmakers. And what will she do with them? Make dal? Ciao Mallika.

7. Saif's Tattoo Disappears: The dude swore he'd never remove the tattoo. "Yeh tune kya kiya Saifu?" I'm pretty sure OTT Kareena Kapoor asked her beau Saif Ali Khan that very question especially since the grapevines are abuzz with news of Saifu's tattoo mysteriously disappearing. Where and why it has gone, well, we'll have to wait to find out. Is this a sign of trouble brewing in Saifeena land?

6. Ranveer and Anushka Drama: I wish she would pick up a darned flower and pluck the petals off them saying, "He loves me, he loves me not." Maybe, just maybe, Anushka Sharma would figure out her feelings for Ranveer Singh. Uske baad, can they admit it, get a room and be done with it? Yet again, the duo are out talking about their admiration for one another. When young Singh was questioned as to whether he blew flying kisses at Priyanka Chopra during an event (totally different story we'll save for another time), he was saved by his ladylove who went on to defend him. Like I said, get a room guys.

5. Hazare Gets Support from Btown: Please crawl out from under your rock if you don't know Anna Hazare. The man who is fasting in order to pass a bill which will control corruption in India is receiving heaps of support from Bollywood stars. From Anupam Kher, who even turned up to speak publicly in Delhi, to Diya Mirza, Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra and Sonakshi Sinha, each of the stars have decided they will support his cause in order to better India. Kudos celebs, it's always great to get out and use your star power for the greater good.

4. Bad Boy Shiney: So Shiney Ahuja has been put away for seven years and now, co-star Sayali Bhagat has come out to claim that apparently, he tried very hard to get too close for comfort with her during a shoot. While there are some odd claims of Ahuja apparently disappearing with a 17-year-old extra from the film one night, this sure does shed some light to his rather tacky imbecile behavior. You've been a bad boy Shiney!

3. Sush on a Break: I love Sushmita Sen. But her claim that she is, "on a break from films" is rather sad because erm...we haven't seen her in anything substantial in a while anyway. Wasn't she already on a break phir? Right now, she claims, she isn't working on anything but her I AM foundation which she plans to expand and of course, she has her hands busy playing mom to two pretty girls. Sigh. I miss her already.

2. Ricky Bahl is John Tucker: Okay what are these people talking about? Of course, Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl is a copy of John Tucker Must Die. Not only does the premise sound like a ditto copy but hello, it gives off the same vibe too. The cast and crew are hell bent on telling us that it really isn't but we know better. If it smells and look like it, it is.

1. Ranbir, Ranbir: Apparently, he has called it off with Katrina Kaif and Nargis, his alleged newer link up, has moved on to one Shayan Munshi. Ranbir Kapoor is all about breaking hearts but Katrina has found herself mending her dil in London. The poor lass found herself falling into some serious depression after Kapoor let her know that uh, yeah, marriage isn't happening. Drats! And with that her parents said, "Come to London!" So off she went. Friends claim she is simply miserable that despite being so beautiful, two of India's biggest stars, Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor, have refused to marry her. Aw, Kats!

Okay, it's a wrap! Believe me, I have been Bollywood-Enlightened. Found myself sitting and feeling very satisfied with my rendezvous with Bollywood for tonight. Can't take the Bollywood outta me, that's for sure!

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