Anna Hazare: New Age Gandhi

Corruption is a part of India's DNA.
India's Corruption Curse.

Corruption: Threat to India's Economic Development.

I don't even live in India and I cringe every time I read headlines in the news regarding India's corruption. In 2011, India is considered a future superpower. "Watch out for India!" people are always saying. And for the most part, I smile, seena taan ke, proud to be Indian. But who am I kidding? No one but myself. Corruption in India is hardly a matter that can be swept under the carpet. It exists and there is no denying. But when it starts to affect the future and the growth of the country, then you seriously have a problem. While the Middle East is looking to change the way their nations operate within their governments, we hardly have that issue. India is one the most democratic countries in the world. And yet, we are one of the most corrupt.

It has taken the likes of a 72 year-old Anna Hazare to come out and fast-unto-death, he says, in order for the country to stand up and take notice of this issue. At first, much like the rest of the country, I too thought to myself, "Yet another publicity stunt." But today, I look at myself as nothing but as an ignorant fool. Ignorant because I allowed myself to look down on a man who is out to make the biggest change that will hopefully come to India in last decade. An activist, Social Worker, an soldier for the Indian Army and man who is out to change the face of India forever, Hazare has done what only Gandhi could have done perhaps. While the former is out to rid the country of a "bacteria" better known as corruption, the latter is the Father of Nation and gained India freedom from the British. Anna's accomplishments thus far, and we're talking about a 72-year-old man here, are immense. It all began with a small initiative: to eradicate alcoholism from his village. From then on, he went on to make bigger and better changes including building the first secondary school in the area. And all this not by force. Anna educated his village and encouraged to volunteer to partake in modernizing their village. His dedication to social work and to the country is beyond words.

This isn't the first time Anna has gone on a fasting strike. Back in 1991, the social worker fasted until corrupt forest officers, who were duping the country of Crores, weren't bought to justice. The otherwise sleeping government was forced to wake up and take action, which they did.

"So what does he want this time," I asked. The answer: to fully eliminate corruption from the country altogether. While it does sound farfetched and impossible, it is possible to lower corruption rates with his bill better known as the Jan Lokpal Bill. And when you read what the bill has to offer, you are immediately excited at what it could do for the country. For starters, institutions all over the country, known as LOKPAL, will be set up in every state. This ultimately becomes the hub for citizens who can bring all their issues regarding corruption to. There will be no ministers or beaureacratics involved in any investigations and all cases will be dealt with over the course of a year. But the best part of this bill is what it offers to the people of India. Irrespective of how big or small your corruption issue is, LOKPAL will take care of it. Passport or ration card isn't being processed in time, head to your local LOKPAL center, file a complaint and they basically take care of it. The accused will be handled quickly and punished swiftly. And to ensure that no members of the LOKPAL themselves are involved in any corruption, all transactions will be kept "transparent". In addition, as an Indian citizen, you need not worry about being victimized because you have chosen to be brave and stand up for corruption. LOKPAL will take care of you and provide protection to all those to speak out over corruption.

The bill has been presented numerous times to a number of regimes only to be sidelined and ignored every single time. Realizing that the situation had hit the roof, Anna decided it was now or never. So here he is giving up his life for the country in the most peaceful of ways.

The benefits are immense and will only help India grow into a country that is truly ready then to become a superpower. What's most interesting is how the yuva (youth) of India are standing up for Anna.Just over the internet itself, Indians from all over the world are standing up to support the activist virtually. One only hopes India's big brother, Anna's fast breaks to a new dawn in India; one that is free of dirty corrupt politicians, one that allows the country to grow and one that will change the face of revolutions. Are we headed for our very own Egyptian revolution? It sure smells like it. Jantar Mantar is now officially India's answer to Tahrir Square. The face of the youth and corruption is about to change in India. All this courtesy of one brave bachelor whose life has been to change India. Irrespective of which part of the world you're in, if you're Indian, it is your ultimate duty to back this man because if we lose him, we'll not only lose a man who could have done heaps for the country, but will tell our youth that there is no hope for India. Is this the lesson we want to give to the youth of India? This is your moment to shine young India. Stand up now and show them you care and will not allow them to ruin your future. Wake up India. Wake up.

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Anonymous said...

At last we now have some hope in Anna Hazare, we really needed one like him to lead and show us what the fight for independence was!

Today it is annoying to see how our PM is trying to literally shove the FDI in retail down our throats. You know, if he fought elections and assumed the post he could have understood the people of India better and would have seen our issues through our eyes. He goes to USA and then returns with this plan? Are we all stupid to pretend we don't see the plot? We must take care of our own here and must never forget how Obama gunned for the outsourced jobs to India and this hit lakhs of IT and BPO employees. I know as my son was a programmer is now working in a domestic call centre. Money we earned has disappeared paying for high cost of basic living. Its terrible! If we do not stand as one against the dragon at the centre, we can roll over and die!


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