Biased Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu has always been one of the most honest and educated actresses who speaks sense. But the actress went on to totally piss me off today. Her yummy boyfriend John Abraham was caught in 2006 for rash driving after his bike collided with a cyclist. He injured two including himself and while he rushed the victims to the nearest government hospital and drove himself to a posh luxury hospital. And of course courtesy of the Indian judicial system, he only received his sentence for his crime now in 2010. It wasn’t too much – just 15 days in jail. Needless to say, he managed to put bail and thus, is still out and about.

Now what irks me about Basu is the manner in which she handled her beau’s sentencing. Absolutely nothing about his accident screams decent. The fact that he was driving rashly and caught means that the actor was not being the so-called law abiding citizen he claims to be. Fine you wear a helmet and preach the importance of it, but when you drive like you own the street and then manage to hit two innocent pedestrians on cycles, and then you drive them to a government hospital when he gets treated at a classy treatment facility. Uh… so the government hospital isn’t worthy of you? Or maybe it’s the other way; the citizens aren’t worth the expense of the renowned Lilavati Hospital. Whatever it is, it basically proves one thing: John Abraham, you ain’t no angel.

Alright so he finally gets his judgment and apparently, when it was read out to him, the actor went pale in the face. Of course he did. Which actor wouldn’t? After all, a prison cell in Mumbai wouldn’t be anything like your Pali Hill apartment. But then the highlight of all this are the comments from Bipasha Basu.

Her first statement was, “He is not an irresponsible person. In fact, he’s very conscious of his social responsibilities. Its unfair to punish him for an incident in which he was hurt the most.” Are you for real? The fact that he was out and driving like a maniac proves that irrespective of who was hurt most, he was the offender. And just because you happen to be a celebrity, it doesn’t mean that he deserves special treatment.

And then the icing on the cake was, “As an individual and a citizen of this country, I can only say what I feel. And I have to say, with due respect to the legal system, that John doesn’t deserve this. Just because he happens to be a star, he’s an easy target. The same offence committed by a non-celebrity would most likely be treated differently. Since he rides a bike, he’s very careful about road rules. He doesn’t allow any of his friends to drive out on a bike without a helmet. He doesn’t bribe the cops, he pays his taxes… what is he being punished for?” Really Bipasha. We expect much more from you. If a “normal” person had committed the same crime, you wouldn’t have heard of it because he would have been sentenced immediately and I guarantee he would have been imprisoned for more than 15 days. In addition, he would have been the subject of physical abuse. And IF by chance you would have heard of the incident, you would have said that the judicial system was right to punish him for such a crime. So don’t give us this bull.

The Indian government has to come down hard on wreckless driving because far too many rich kids and celebs like John Abraham believe that they can get away with it. In the meantime, people die and suffer at the lost of a family member who is a son, a father and an earner for the family. So next time Bipasha, save it. We know celebs want special treatment. But you ain’t getting it.

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