(F)A(ke)ishwarya Rai!

I will never ever doubt Aishwarya Rai’s, now Bachchan, beauty; she is beyond exquisite. But will the real Aishwarya Rai please stand up? Ever since I can remember, Aishwarya Rai has been the epitome of grace, beauty and FAKENESS. In fact, I often wonder who the real Aishwarya Rai is. If it isn’t her stupid school-girl giggle then its her diplomacy which makes her look gosh darn stupid in the end. From the get-go, Ash has carefully planned every step of her career. Whether it’s the men she’s dated or the films she’s signed, it all seems so calculated. Almost immediately, she found herself in the arms of Salman Khan and when his career hit a lull, she quickly stepped away from him and into the life of the flavor of the season, Vivek Oberoi. After clearly, demolishing his career and choosing to never accept that she was ever in a relationship with him, Rai’s career was on the rise, while all the drama surrounding Oberoi pushed his career to a complete halt. And out she went from all that commotion. She wasn’t going to let no one bring her down.

The rest is all history as they say, as she went on to woo Abhishek Bachchan and soon become the Bachchan bahu. However, what irks me the most is how much of a sham she is. Her entire existence is a facade. Her constant smiling, boring answers, the perfection, all of it is so boring now, it simply reads boring. Her recent appearance on Koffee with Karan, bought out her fakeness even more. After she giggled, kissed her Father-in-law’s gluteus maximus calling him the “best-est-est” (it’s not even a word!) and reiterated her love for Abhishek, she then gave Karan a bunch of useless fake vague diplo answers. We were bored. Why is it she can’t be honest? And to think, she is the face of Hindi cinema abroad! What utter garbage representation. When we have smart intelligent women like Shabana Azmi or even Sushmita Sen, who are beautiful, smart and Indian in every which way, why we choose to allocate Ash as the Indian ambassador is simply beyond me. Forget, her acting talent; she is by far one of the worst we have. In fact, look back at her hits. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam was all Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan; Devdas was Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit all the way. So what acting talent does she possess? Zero. Zilch.

I would love to see Ash in the Big Brother house. And I wish Jade Goody (R.I.P), could have interacted with her. Now that would have been some drama especially since Goody believed Shilpa Shetty was fake. HA! Little does she know what fake is. Have you met (F)A(ke)ishwarya Rai Bachchan?

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