Shobhaa De: Dramarama!

If I’m politically incorrect then Shobhaa De is basically politically unfit to live on earth. What exactly is her deal? You know for the longest time, I heard people complain about her and never really agreed. For the most part, I agree with her statements, comments and opinions even. I agreed when she ousted Punit Malhotra and Sonam Kapoor for misbehaving on Twitter with her. It was wrong of them to call her an “old fossil” when all she did was giver her review for a film. And that is just one of many times I applauded her for being incredibly honest and not giving a crap. But recently, I find myself questioning her sense. It’s fine that you don’t agree with a situation or statement. That is normal. But to sit and tell people to then boycott a film? Now that is pushing the envelope. And I’m referring to Salman Khan’s situation with the Pakistani media regarding the so-called 26/11 comment he made that stirred up such controversy. I don’t think he intended to create such hysteria but of course, he is Salman Khan and even a small statement is blown out of proportion. You would think socialite and media queen Shobhaa De would have understood that. But nope, she goes and tweets that people should boycott Dabangg. What a drama queen move! What on earth does his film have to do with his comment? Fine, maybe I’m a huge Salman Khan fan but even then, her outburst was unnecessary.

There was an instance in the past where SRK called her,” she’s cynicism dressed in a designer sari.” At that point in time, I thought he was seriously in denial as usual. But looking back now, I can totally understand his reasoning for calling her a cynic. She seems to feel that beyond her and her opinions, no one else seems to matter. Look I’m not defending Salman. All I’m saying is everyone is entitled to an opinion. And thus, she has hers. However, is it fair to display it in this manner? I think not. Her new book is on the brink of release. God forbid she make a politically incorrect statement. Would she tell people to boycott her book? Probably not.

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