Imran + Kareena = Size Zero Again!

Over the weekend, I got to see the 2010 IIFA Awards and was impressed (and happy) with Kareena Kapoor's new beautiful body. She has finally realized that she needs to shed the slim-jim size zero look for a more healthier frame. Thank goodness for that because she looks like a million bucks! It was like seeing my favorite Bebo back to her usual awesome sexy yet cute self. And then today, I get to read news of Karan Johar "demanding" her to head back to her skinny look. Reason? Well, for those of you who don't know, one of KJo's upcoming film stars Kareena Kapoor along with Imran Khan. Convinced, that a more skinny Kareena will look better or more "compatible" as he has put it, with Khan.

It was because of boyfriend Saif Ali Khan, who expressed his dislike for the actresses boney figure and thus, Bebo decided to head back to her healthier lifestyle and body. And believe me, if you did see Bebo dance at the awards, she did look mighty healthy and pretty. So why on earth KJo would make such a disgusting demand, is beyond my understanding. I actually think the actress would look better if she was healthier even if its with Imran Khan.

Hopefully, Bebo will tell KJo to take a hike and not indulge in such a silly demand. Are you listening Bebo?

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