Dear Newly-Engaged and Newly-Married Couples,

When I first heard of your engagement, I was extremely happy for you. I am always happy when my friends and family give me good news. And wedding news is always great to hear. However, why is it that after you fall into the "engaged" or "married" status, you immediately become a guru in love, relationships and marriage? And what's worst, is that you feel the need to impose your choice of engagement or marriage on me! Why? Its bad enough that I have to listen to your nonstop banter about nothing except wedding preparations or how amazing married life is, but then you come out and lecture me on being single; like I'm some kind of untouchable! In all honesty, its really not required as I am perfectly capable of making my own decisions about love and marriage myself. If and when, I do need advice, you can be sure I will come to you. Until then, please spare me the horror.

Enjoy your engagement and your marriage, but there is simply no need for you to sit and go on about how marriage has "changed" you or how there is no such thing as the "perfect man" and I shouldn't "be so fussy". I don't remember you consulting me before you decided to take the plunge and thus, it is a tad bit unfair that you choose to lecture me on the joys of relationships.

So basically, spare me the speeches, lectures and banter.

Thank you.


P.S. Just because you have a marriage certificate, it doesn't make you a certified matchmaker either.

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