The Mayhem that is May

May was beyond chaotic. It may have something to do with me taking on too much for my own good BUT, its always good to be busy - an idle mind is the devil's mind and I for one, know that too damn well. But more importantly so much has been going on in the world and my maddness has only added to the mayhem which is May. Ready to read? Off we go!


It was literally the Indian Premiere Cricket League versus the Indian Political League this year. While the Congress party took the take and won majority, which was quite expected, it seems that the favorites on the cricket end were unable to live up to their lineage. Manmohan Singh was reappointed as the Prime Minister, after Rahul Gandhi politely declined (how disappointed am I?), Sachin and Saurav are headed back home from South Africa after their teams, Mumbai Indians and Kolkatta Knight Riders both were booted out of the IPL. And I was favoring M.I. big time, counting on the little maestro to pull a rabbit out of his magicians hat. It's not fair to expect that much from him I suppose. Oh well - next year, Mumbai will kick butt. I'm sure of it. After all, I intend on being there to support my team all the way. Now I'm stuck finding a new team to support 'till the end... hmph.

Advani: No Support From the Ani's

I didn't think L.K. Advani would win but I did expect the Sindhi population to support him in India. Get this, Ulhasnagar whose Sindhi population is over 40%, only had a 26% voter turn out. Not only did the decide not to vote for him, they didn't even bother turning up on voting day. In fact, the day before voting, a campaign titled "Jago Sindhi Jago" was in full force all in hopes to encourage the Sindhi population to get up and vote for Advani but to no avail obviously.

Crushing Over Rahul Gandhi

All it took was one press conference where he smiled and flaunted his dimples everso cutely. I was floored. For many years now, I never understood why the girls oggled over Rahul Gandhi. But I was so wrong - and had never paid close enough attention. Rahul Gandhi is not only HOT, but uber cute. And what he did was so commendable - promising a journalist that he would definitely get to his question next. Which he did of course. But his mannerism and courtesy with which he responded was adorably regal. Clearly, he is his fathers son. Only Rajiv Gandhi's son could be so perfect.

Discrimination in Delhi

I was told such an interesting fact the other day which not only stomped me but made me realize how little I knew about my country. Did you know that Chandni Chowk, yes yes, Delhi 6, is divided into a Hindu and Muslim area? And whats more, if by chance, you walk into the Hindu area asking for a meat-filled paratha, they will laugh and tell you, you are in the wrong area. Who would have known? Who knew the capital city would still have so much discrimination. I need to witness it to believe it honestly, but something tells me I would get quite a beating.

100 Days

Obama completed 100 days of his regime. What is his claim to fame thus far? Ordered the closure of Guantamo Bay, lessened pressure on Stem Cell bans etc. I guess he is still working on the recession and job issues that are still a part of America. I haven't quite made up my mind on him yet.

Misc May

And besides all this, my publication will be up and going by the end of the week. Watch this space for more on that!

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