The One Where I Heart New York and IPL Drama

I love New York. Whats not to love? The busy streets, the fast pace, the insane partying, the fabulous life. I heart heart heart New York. But then, all good things must come to an end and I must head back west to suburban California where at 10 p.m. all you hear is the occasional fire siren and not the jarring music in the Meat Packing district. It's so incredible how all the different states in the U.S. can be so varied in life and culture. Manhattan is perhaps the most diverse. A single island houses people of all origins and cultures, filled with an incredible sights, and a quick lifestyle. Within a heartbeat you can be downtown dancing at a club and then head on uptown to an upscale Upper East Side stylish pad. Either way, Manhattan has an vibe that cannot be imitated or copied. It makes me realize how much of a city girl I am, how I need to be surrounded by noise and shor instead of a small city and mountains. I need to be running around, taking subways, making frantic calls on my cell, utilizing my BlackBerry to the maximum and being 26! Definitely more NYC on the travel list for me this year. New York New York New York - I love it!

On the otherhand, Shah Rukh Khan never fails to disappoint me more and more on a daily basis. This time, he has gone ahead and let the Australians dominate the Knight Riders. If rumors and newspapers are to be believed, the Australian players have made some some racial remarks towards the Indian players (?) Uhhh.... hello? Am I the only person who thinks this is incredibly silly? How can you discriminate in an INDIAN Premiere League? That is simply absurd. And of course, SRK refuses to comment. Duh! He has no say regarding his team who have no respect for him. Clearly, SRK does not know cricket and he should probably not dabble in it for a while.

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