April Agony

April has been one helluva stressful, incredibly painful and mind-bloggling month. While I turned 26 (yes, Happy Birthday to me!), I also found many reasons to be mad, angry and just plain pissed off. For starters, spring has not arrived yet, which may be the reason to my "April Agony." When will it start getting a bit warmer- is beyond me. But as my Dad always says, "It's freaky weather," so who knows. Having the sun and warmth around may actually do some good to my otherwise grim dampening mood. But besides that, it's basically been a month that hasn't really made me smile. In fact, April is going to be noted as one of my worst months in 2009.

Today I was maddened by none other than manipulative Shah Rukh Khan. Okay, so you own the Kolkatta Knight Riders, you go around claiming that you and the team love Sourav Ganguly. Dada this, Dada that, Dada- you are no longer the captain: you have been dumped. Uhh did you forget to mention that or did you realize it would be a better idea to announce it when you weren't on Indian territory. Of course, that has to be the reason. SRK is a smart lad who knows that Indians are passionate about cricket and especially the Prince of Bengal. So cricket lovers in Kolkatta are burning his pictures and effigies. I say DO IT! Keep em' burning people. SRK needs to realize that not every one is up for sale - much like him. And honestly, no Dada equals no way in hell the KKR are going to rise above the rest. As for Dada, he is one man who plays for the team and not his individual glory, which ultimately means, he will play like the prince that he is. In fact, he had no clue about the change in captaincy! New Zealand player McCullum can go ahead and captain. As it is, I'm rooting for the Mumbai Indians.

But that was just today. In the last few days, a few more disgusting ordeals have upset me. How does an 11-year-old girl die at the hands of her teacher for the simple reason of not knowing her daily lesson? So young Shanno is brutally beaten until she faints and falls into coma only to die. And then a group of boys in Mumbai intoxicate a foreign student, only to rape her later. The fools are then "shocked" that she screamed rape. HELLO! You rape a girl- she is bound to be a bit angry one would assume. Perhaps my anguish is being understood now? Goodness gracious.

Kasab, the only surviving terrorist of the Mumbai Terror Attacks has decided to call foul on his statement claiming he was under "duress" or tortured when he was asked for a confession. He has retracted confession and not surprised me. So basically, he is caught on television and still claims he is innocent. From here he then also goes on to say he was underage when he was caught and should be tried in a juvenile court. Right. So all this while he was signing and agreeing to be twenty-some odd years. Oh whatever - hang him already.

And then, if I wasn't angered enough, an email came popping to my inbox (courtesy of my father), that took my anger to another level. I found myself forwarding the email to a bunch of newschannels and newsreporters with hopes that they would publicize it and help the Indian public make a fair and just decision of whether or not these politicians are worthy of any votes. A fabulous (in my opinion at least) photographer who captured public leaders and other personnel of disrespecting the Indian flag and the National Anthem. Take a look at the pictures - need I say more?

On a happier note, and yes there were a few, Karan Johar along with Tarun Mansukhani put together a fabulous video for Lead India, encouraging the youth (and otherwise) to vote. Nice to see the stars realizing their social responsibilities. Check it out! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIyrQl5aJVQ) While we're on the topic of voting, India has begun and have had a fabulous record number of people turn out to vote. Keep it coming! Shiamak Davar is a darling - his New York Life ad film is heartwarming - Check that out too on TV! And the IPL has begun - besides the controversy regarding Dada, looks like a great time. Let's Go Mumbai Indians!

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