Maine Tahaan Se Pyar Kiya

Bollywood runs through my veins, blood and soul; but you already knew that. Some days, when I find myself stuck with no new movies to watch, critique, hate or love, I return to the classics. And Maine Pyar Kiya is pretty much as vintage as they get. I'm often reminded of my childhood when I watch Salman Khan's debut film; a simpler time, not only in my life but in Hindi cinema too. The usual plots worked: girl and boy fall in love, parents disagree, they fight, and love prevails over all. Maine Pyar Kiya is no different...except the X factor is such, that the story, songs and idea of the movie never seems to age. Ultimately, this makes MPK an evergreen ageless eternal love story.

Directed by Sooraj Barjatya in 1989, the story follows Prem and Suman, played by Salman Khan and Bhagyashree respectively. While the plot surrounds their friendship, which progresses into unconditional love, it also has many underlying tones and messages. As the movie opens, we are told of an old friendship between the lovers fathers only to realize that the distance between them has taken increased over time, courtesy of money, status and physical expanse. The youngsters begin a friendship which is questioned by the Indian culture. Can a girl and boy really be just friends? Of course not. Shock and horror - they are in love. While Prems mother is more than happy to accept the homely girl as her daughter-in-law, it is his father who believes Suman is out to cash in on the family fortune.

Relationships are questioned. Of course, besides the boy-girl friendship taboo, the bond between parent and child is also viewed. The mother-son and father-daughter stereotype is played to perfection by the actors but they also show how the progressive Indian family was slowly moving away from traditional arranged marriages and letting their children figuratively go to discover themselves. Family values are always a bit part of Rajshri movies. Festivals, dances and all of Hindu values in all their glory are celebrated colorfully.

Okay, the highlight of MPK: Salman Khan. Sigh. I absolutely adore old school Salman Khan. It made me also realize that Maine Pyar Kiya is his best performance till date - which is really sad actually. But his portrayal as the young boy who falls in love is so convincing and gushing. At several times, I found myself smiling to myself and feeling shy at their cute behavior. It really is a beautiful story of how the ideal love story should be; friendship and then love. Of course, that was the eighties; and this 2009. Now, if only they actually made real men like Prem...damn those Rajshri movies for scripting characters are so far away from reality. But all Bollywood movies do that - give you incorrect perceptions of the ideal man. Anyhow, Maine Pyar Kiya is one movie I need to watch more often and is now officially, my favorite love story...again! Not only did it remind me of my childhood but I know remember why I had watched it numerous times.

From one great classic to one that has to be deemed a movie par excellence: Tahaan. The movie follows the story of a young boy, Tahaan in modern day Kashmir. The young boy is extremely fond of his donkey, Birbal, who is eventually sold one day to pay the debts. Heart-broken, Tahaan, is told that he needs to work to get back his donkey and must travel everyday far distances transporting fruits. Without giving away too much, the story ends on a happy note but perhaps the most beautiful aspect of the movie was the young boy and his friendship, not only with the donkey, which was ultra cute, but with the new friend he makes.

Amazingly, the story also unfolds how young children are so innocent and it is that very blissful characteristic that adults take advantage of wrongly. Terrorism has clearly hit an all time gutter low when they feel the need to employ young children to be a part of their disgraceful crimes. However, Tahaan, knows better and his conscious does not allow him to commit such a grave sin which would ultimately make him a young terrorist. He finds himself questioning people around him and realizes that he would rather work hard to retrieve his donkey instead of finding shortcuts and turning to terrorism. What a beautiful thought and to learn that at such a young age, even better. Additionally, Tahaan explains how the importance of goals in ones life is important. A lack of ambition will bring you down and give you no reason to live. So Tahaan's goal was simple and on a more immature level, but it teaches lessons to every viewer regardless of age.

The young boy who plays Tahaan, Purav Bhandare, is icing on the cake. He plays Tahaan with such a conviction, you would never believe it is his first movie. Move over Darshan Zaffarey and make way for a younger boy with heaps more talent and more humbility for sure. Additionally, Dheirya Sonecha, who plays the Tahaan's new found friend is equally as adorable. The scene in which he tells his grandfather to give Tahaan back the donkey is heart-breaking. You just want to reach out and hug the child. With supporting actors like Anupam Kher, Rahul Bose and Rahul Khanna, Tahaan is a must watch.

Perhaps, my blog title makes a little more sense(?) If not, watch both the movies and you'll discover my pyar (love) for little Tahaan.

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