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The month is coming to a close and as usual, I have loads to ramble and chat about. But then, I'm never short of things to talk about. I'm keeping myself rather entertained with the current IPL which along with consisting of some great cricket is also keeping me rather amused with its nonstop controversies. The Knight Riders, who aren't really having much luck with winning any matches have found a mysterious player amongst them who has taken a liking to some serious blogging. So what's the big deal you ask? Well, the cricketer has revealed quite a lot of juicy information about the team and behind the scene happenings. While the player has not been identified, the team owners were to quick to claim that it is in fact, an outsider. Right.

Keeping with IPL, Salman Khan, whom I have refound my love for, is headed to beautiful South Africa after Preity Zinta called him for some much needed cheerleading for her Punjab XI. Salman has also taken to some campaigning on the election trail for a few of his politician friends. The likes of Vinod Khanna and Milind Deora have utilized Salman's popularity to help them gain a few votes in the upcoming election. Khan's take is simple. He doesn't care about which party they represent but looks at their track record- if you have a few good deeds to your name, Salman will be more than happy to spread the word about you. This has not gone down well with old friend Sanjay Dutt who although never asked Sallu to campaign for him, has seen Khan help out sister Priya Dutt who happens to be Sanjay's rival.

Back to the IPL, it seems that new owner Shilpa Shetty is finding herself in a hot soup with old timer Preity Zinta. Apparently, Shetty claims that she doesn't feel the need to "hug her players" before a match. To which Zinta replied that "they are family," and she can't help it if Shetty doesn't feel that way. Ouch! While I'm not exactly a Zinta fan after the whole Mumbai Mirror Journalist episode, I will side with her this time. Shetty needs to sit down and learn the game.

Sachin Tendulkar celebrated his 36th birthday this past week. I was of course, thrilled for the cricketer whose popularity bought him a spot at Madame Trussards and now the Little Maestro has a wax figurine of his own. I'm pretty sure, he will call it quits after the next Cricket World Cup, but until then, he will hit some great knocks and kick some butt!

Ohh! I've been reading Diary of Wimpy Kid. What a fab series of books for young kids- yes, they are made for elementary schoolers but who cares! Set in diary format, it depicts the story of a young boy named Greg as he get through the school year. His antics and understanding of situations are hilarious. A quick and fab read!

Okay, I've tried my best to find all the good things to talk about and now the bad. Sometimes, I think my father is right- I think I take my social responsibilities a bit too seriously but I believe that if I won't then I can't sit and complain of how the country (India predominantly) works. Firstly, the Akriti Bhatia case, a young girl who died from an asthma attack during school has caused quite a stir amongst the Delhi education system. According to school officials, they did the best they could. Okay, my deal: how on earth do you not have an adequate doctor on site to help children? This is not some old sketchy school- this is a modern "plush" Delhi school. Parents pay big money to ensure good quality education and proper medical assistance when required. How DARE the school officials say that they did the best they could? No- they did not. It was a simple asthma attack and a young girl died from it. The principal must step down and a probe must be ordered to investigate the incident. The young girls friends have protested and demand answers. Good for them I say. Secondly, young girls who were molested by their school guard in Mumbai were told to fill out a questionnaire instead of reliving the moments. Its nice to see the police think of more sensitive ways to deal with harsh situations.

The "ethnic cleansing" of Tamil Nadu's in Sri Lanka continues as the LTTE moves forward. Government officials claim that they are making progress but in the bargain innocent Indian's are dying. They do not seem to have any remorse for them and it is just not acceptable. Politically and socially, Sri Lanka and India collectively need to get in on this matter and sort it out. My prayers are with the Tamil Nadu's in Sri Lanka and I hope they make it through safe.

Guess who else have become victims to the Shoe Hurlers? Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and actor Jeetendra. Ouch! Poor Jeetendra - he's too sweet to be hurled at. Looks like the Jhoota has become a popular and effective way of protest- can we safely say goodbye to guns and all its forms forever? Perhaps shoes will be used for more than one purpose now.

And on a sad note, Feroz Khan passed away today. It's really quite upsetting cause I am a big fan of the veteran actor who was fighting cancer. In my opinion, and I've said this before, he is the real King Khan and there will never be anyone after him. He will be missed.

Phew! And with that, I'm all blogged out...for now at least.

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