Five Reasons I Love Ram Kapoor

For everyone that knows me well, you know that I absolutely adore Ram Kapoor. Yes, he’s that overweight guy that all my Twitter dosts always pokes fun at. You know who you tweeps are. I've been crushing over Ram Kapoor since his Ghar Ek Mandir days. It deepened during Kasam Se and furthered when he played big bhai to Rakhi Sawant during her Swayamwar. But it has reached its all time high right now as he plays Mr. Ram Kapoor in Bade Ache Lagte Hai. You can call it an obsession or an infatuation; I call it sheer love for the sweetest, cutest man on Hindi television who happens to bear an uncanny resemblance in every which way, to my favorite Uncle. But because everyone cannot fathom, understand or comprehend my ishq, pyar, mohabbat for Mr. Kapoor, here are five reasons why.

5) Ram Ki Baatein
There are so few men on the telly who speak Hindi as well as they do English. In both languages, Ram Kapoor is never wrong in grammar, pronunciation and his accent is pretty gosh darn hot!

4) Ram Ki Adayein…Uff!
Ekta Kapoor, whom I adore by the way, happens to put Ram in a number of rather odd situations vis-à-vis Bade Ache Lagte Hai. But the manner in which Ram emotes, expresses and reacts literally makes me go haiiiiiiii.

3) Ram Ki Talent (too much confusion over the Hindi word for 'talent')
Unknown to most people, Ram Kapoor is pretty darn talented. Yeah, so he can do the serial thing really well, but I loved him as the obnoxious fool in Monsoon Wedding and then as the awesome uncle in Udaan. Oh, and he can dance too!

2) Ram Ki Muskarahat
Ram Kapoor, all you have to do is smile and basically, my day is made. Not only is tres sexy, but mucho cute. There’s a slight cheekiness to his smile which makes it even more  endearing.

1) Ram Ke Motapaan
He’s fat and what? Or rather so what! Ram Kapoor makes fat look sexy. And he is the sexiest man on Hindi television.

So he played a rather tharki character in Ek Main Aur Ek Tu and it looks like he will be doing a repeat in Agent Vinod, but even then, I’ll take him.


Hitesh Mavari said...

thank god i am not a girl!!! I agree with almost every reason of yours but i have many more! I think and you will also gonna know that I am and shall be the biggest fan ever of RK. Infact he is my elder brother. Sorry Roshni, but don't feel bad about it! And keep loving RK! RkRocks!!

Hitesh Mavari said...

though I am a science student but i dön't need any reason to like RK!! Supacool !!

Krishna said...

What is it about the guy?? Its very relieving to see other guys admire him 'cause I keep wondering if I'm going gay over RK.
Meeting Ram kapoor would def b a dream come true... and I cant help but agree with all of ur reasons, although so melodramatically silly... no offense intended!
Oh yea... he DOESN'T speak perfect hindi by the way, he speaks 'mumbaiya' hindi, which is grammatically skewed. But suits him, so all good!
Happy day!

Anonymous said...

Omg.You exactly said what I feel every freaking time for Ram! *Shit* I love him so much!


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