Utterly Butterly Useless: Rahul Gandhi

You remember how I absolutely loved Rahul Gandhi and I couldn’t get enough of him? Yeah, that’s not the case anymore. I’m just appalled by how Rahul Baba has been behaving and reacting in the last few days what with all the Anna Hazare hoopla. Good manners and tezheeb all the sewers. Everyone knows that Manmohan Singh is capable of zilch without his master’s (Sonia and Rahul) guidance (read: orders). And so in times like this, where a man of prominence and age is fasting unto death until his demands are not made or at least negotiated with, you would expect the Prime Minister to come out and lead. But nope. That isn’t going to happen because his puppeteers were not around what with Sonia being ill and Rahul attending to mommy while the country goes up in chaos.

I honestly found myself comparing Rahul Baba to the Shiv Sena. When the 26/11 attacks were being carried out in Mumbai, Raj Thackeray was MIA. This time round, it’s Rahul Gandhi who has fled the scene of action. It was only after the dust settled did they appear to scream and shout inept chants. All we heard was “falana falana”. So in reality, how are Gandhi and his party any different from the Shiv Sena? In times of need and leadership, they both hide from taking charge. Scared much?

And then there is the other angle. I have a feeling that one of the reasons Rahul Baba is really upset is because Anna is getting a lot of attention. In fact, he has very quickly become a renowned youth icon. And considering Rahul was all about targeting the youth of the country, perhaps he feels slightly threatened. That too by a man who is seventy-plus and not as hot. How dare Anna do that? Win the popularity contest! It is probably for this very reason that he finally crawled out of his Italian hole and decided he needed to say erm, something. Basically, he spoke nonsense. And while he claims he is “concerned” for Anna’s life and health, you can’t help but wonder exactly how much he really cares.

But in reality, Rahul Baba really needs to watch out. See, the country has come together to fight against corruption; a deep-rooted predicament in India. So right now, they don’t give two hoots about Rahul Gandhi or any Gandhi for that matter. To them, the Gandhi’s initially tried to stop a protest vis-à-vis arresting Anna on day 1 of the fast. Democracy, tu hai kahan? A totally utterly-butterly undemocratic move by the Amul Baby and his band of boys - That said, if something does happen to Anna considering his health is deteriorating by the hour, who will be blamed?

Look, I don’t really completely understand the Jan Lokpal Bill which is ultimately the problem I think – but that’s another blog post. However, I do feel that the manner in which the government is running currently is just plain undemocratic. Check it out. If the bill does pass, word for word, then perhaps the MMSs' government is scared of how many of its own corrupt people will be exposed.
Let’s be honest, Rahul Gandhi has not contributed anything of significance to the country. Unless you consider his dashing good looks (can't deny him of it) and suave ways somewhat of a contribution. However, at the end of the day, he is still India’s Amul Baby. Moral of the story: herowala looks and an eminent last name do not maketh a political leader. Off you go now. Crawl back to mommy’s lap.

** This was written before Anna’s fast came to its end. Just forgot to hit publish. Me is a duffer. 

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