Divine Ganpathi Intervention!

My cousin's Ganesh murthi in Pune! 
I love everything about being Indian. The festivals, the culture, the mechanics, even the drama that comes with Desi families. As a young girl, I grew up in Hong Kong but my culture was one aspect that was deeply rooted courtesy of my parents. We celebrated every single festival; Hindu and otherwise. If Diwali was huge, then so was Chinese New Year and even Independence Day. But at the same time, Christmas was one festival we all looked forward to; tree, presents et al. So why all this talk about being a cultured Desi girl? Well because it happens to be one of my favorite festivals this week: Ganesh Chaturthi!

What’s interesting, is that I grew up a Krishna Bhakt (thank you Chinmaya Mission), then slowly gravitated to Lord Ganesh and then in the last few years, to Lord Shiva. While I believe heart and soul in all avatars of the almighty, Lord Ganesh has always been one god who stuck by me and vice-versa. That too, every step of the way. My small glass Ganesh has been with me for over a decade now. He was with me through college; when exams were driving me nuts and in times where life hit an all time low, it was Him that I held in my hand as I cried myself to sleep.

In more recent times, I’ve seen my devotion come to life in different personal ways. I’ve never experienced Divine Intervention but now more than ever, when I’ve needed some guidance, some blessings and a lot of reassurance. And the funny thing is, whenever you ask for that with true devotion, He will listen and in small way, give you a sign to indicate that He is watching over you. And how.

As Ganesh Chaturthi came closer and somehow my life got slightly confusing, I asked Lord Ganesh for guidance. What He did was not short of a miracle. And not once, but twice. While I’m choosing to keep my experience with Lord Ganesh personal and private, it reassured my faith and devotion in the almighty.

Today I sit a firmer, more convinced devotee. I now know, He will and is watching over me. This after years of believing I was God’s abandoned child. How wrong was I? He’s here. And now more than ever, I know it and believe it.

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

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