Indo-Spring Fashion 2011: A to Z Guide

C is for Churiyaans

Spring churiyaans (bangles, cuffs et all) are colorful this season. Whether they’re chunky cuffs or single slim bangle sets, they’re embellished with gems, rhinestones and colors. Most of the collections you’ll see will be set in metals – gold, silver and copper. But because you’ll soon find out that this season, other accessories will be smaller, this will allow for louder bangles and bracelets this spring. In fact, you overload up with bangles as you pile them up your arm in different styles, colors and textiles even. With lace being the fabric of the season, many bangles will be adorned with lace in all different colors. As for sizes, go large or small, thin or wide; whatever your choice, rock your wrists this spring. And while you do, remember what Priyanka Chopra rightly lip-synced, “Meri churi, mera kangna, yaad aayega tujhko sajnaa.” Wear 'em, so they'll remember 'em.

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