2010: The Pisser-Offers

I’m not one to mince words; but you already know that. And while my blog has only been up a short while, it has managed to garner much hatred which makes me über super happy. The comments calling me crude names help me sleep at night and at the same time bring you back. You know you love it. So for my final post for the year, I decided to write a list of people who have totally pissed the crap outta me in the last year. These are stars, politicians and popular personalities who have managed to really irk me to the extent that I had to write about it. Check it out.

Sonam Kapoor: She needs a book on etiquette and a finishing school course. This mannerless girl just prances around using her father’s last name with no talent. What exactly she is riding high on is beyond me. And her crassy wise-ass comments on Twitter just go to prove she is all talk. Get a life.

Shobhaa De: What is up with all the drama? Goodness! Spare us and everyone else with your nonstop banter please. We get it: you don’t like the Khans and their likes.

Barkha Dutt: Where do I begin with her? This so-called renowned Indian journalist has managed to make us all look bad and how. I hope you get taught a hard lesson next year.

Rahul Gandhi: Why would you go breaking my heart like that Rahul? Your recent comment about Hindu fanatics and terrorism was totally out of line. Sigh. Even the best can piss you off. Sad.

Karan Johar: Dude, Koffee with Karan is getting far too L.A.M.E. What’s up with all the Botox questions? If you’re interested in trying it out, ask a doctor instead of stupidly asking your guests.

Katrina Kaif: How on earth she is everywhere and doing so well is beyond me. Just goes to show you talent is a meaningless word in Hindi cinema. You can be a statue and still be successful. And why does she have this nonstop scowl on her face. Smile much?

Okay before I am officially barred from blogging forever, I think I’ll stop. You can be sure I’ll be back with more next year and it will be more vile, more brutal and more honest.

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