Desi Girl Talks Cricket World Cup!

February 19th, 2011:
India vs. Bangladesh

In true Desi style, the Indian cricket team came on to the pitch in Mirpur, Bangladesh, ready for BADLA (revenge)! It was at the last Cricket World Cup that Bangladesh literally slaughtered the Indian team which ultimately cost the Indian team a place in the final most believe. However, this time around, that would not be the case. Winning the toss and electing to field first, Bangladesh pretty much had no idea what was about to hit them.


* Whatever we saw of the Tendulkar-Sehwag jodi, although brief, was not to be missed. It's always heaven when the duo get together and hit it all over the pitch.

* After Sachin's early departure, Sehwag realized it was him who would have to stay for as long as he could on the crease. And stay he did. Hitting a whopping 175, the cricketer came out to bat in full form. Sixes and fours flowed zabardast all over the ground. And the best came after his century. Hurting his knee and immediately turning into Langda Tagyi, he decided to take aerial route as his overs literally looked like the following: 4 4 6 4 4. But even then, with the help with his runner (Gambhir), he added 75 to his total.

* Besides being uber cute, Virat Kohli is one young cricketer to watch out for. Thank goodness for eye candy on the pitch! Not only does the cricketer understand how even 2's and 3's can add to the scoreboard, causing Sehwag to run and how, but when it came to sticking around, he was there. A solid 100 to his name, this is one dude to watch out for. Ladies, binoculars out!

* India went on to pile on 370/4 for their full 50 overs. Realizing that this was not going to be an easy task Bangladesh tried their best to get as close as they could to the Mount Everest total. The dudes put on 283 runs with their players going for pretty good individual scores before they ran out of overs.

* Hello Munaf Patel. Kaise ho? Did you know you were a rockstar? Well with bowling figures like 4/48, you can easily deem yourself a rock star. Badu saras dhikra!

WTH Moments

* Uh yeah, what was up with Sachin's early run out? Hello bhai! So many years of experience and yet such an amateur run out? Sehwag to be blamed or not, bahut bura hua bhai.

* Rubel Hossain and Virat Kohli getting noisy on the field exchanging some not-so nice words clearly was interesting. But what on earth was the problem? Gr. I wish the mic stumps were on... or I could lip read.

* Indian fielding. Need I say more?

* Sreesanth's horrendous bowling! He tried and failed. Tried again and failed. And then this happened: 53 runs in 5 overs. Sreesanth, nachna band, bowling shuru bhai!

India wins in true style, agenda in tact: revenge (evil laugh)! And on that note, wickets down, stadium empty, I'm outta here. Fanatical Desi Girl who loves cricket will be back next week on February 27th as India play England in Kolkatta. Khoob Bhalo!

Photo Credit: Santa Banta

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