For the Love of Cricket!

Cricket World Cup 2011 has begun! Ectastic and elated, I am of course gearing up for a fun filled 48 days. Needless to say, I'll be sitting and Bleeding Blue as I follow and cheer on Team India. The Men in Blue have a lot to show and tell before all in hopes to bring back the Cricket World Cup which they last won 28 years ago in 1983. No Kapil Dev this time around to captain the team to victory. No siree. Mahendra Singh Dhoni will have to take it upon himself to bring it (and bring it back too while he's at it)!

I've always been a cricket fan (glory glory India!). So this year, I decided to cover Team India during CWC 2011 through my eyes, a Desi girl's eyes, in a segment I've titled: Desi Girl Talks CWC 2011. I promise to be as objective as possible and will shed my bias towards The Men in Blue. You've heard what the boys have to say, now for the ladies!

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