Bipasha Defends John

I understand that Bipasha Basu loves her beau and is protective over him, but her comment regarding John Abraham's punishment after he was caught for rash driving back in 2006, was uncalled for. Four years ago, John was booked when his bike collided with a cyclist and injured two other people including himself. He quickly rushed the victims to a local government hospital and then himself to a luxury private hospital. Forget the fact that this act in itself seems utterly bullsh*t for obvious reasons, but it is only now in 2010 that the sentence has finally come for the actor. He was sentenced to 15 days in jail and apparently when he was sentenced, went "pale".

Girlfriend Bipasha Basu claims, John has been treated unfairly. "As an individual and   a citizen of this country, I can only say what I feel. And I have to say, with due respect to the legal system, that John doesn't deserve this. Just because he happens to be a star, he's an easy target. The same offence committed by a non-celebrity would most likely be treated differently," she claims.

Ms. Basu, if this situation did occur with a "non-celeb", a) you wouldn't hear about it, b) he would have been beaten black and blue and c) you would have claimed it was a fair judgment. So please don't fool us. Celebs get partial treatment all the time and since you claim John is such a good citizen, what is 15 days in jail? A fair punishment if I may say so. 

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