It's My Happy Birthday!

Okay, it's not really my birthday, but this month would mark my 2nd year in the world of writing. And since, everything has a birth day and an expiration day for that matter, it is only fair that I deem October the birthday of my writing career. So Happy Birthday to my Writing Career!! What's most interesting is how much it's matured over time. Yes, in a span of two years, I've managed to do a lot of great work for some great publications. Some have gained me grand accolades, achievements I could have only dreamed of and the opportunity to chat/meet with such amazing people. When I began, I had no idea what direction it would take. Would I even get chances? Who would want to hire me, I don't even have a degree in journalism. The skeptic in me asked these questions many a times. And it wasn't a piece of chocolate cake either. I had to work hard to ask for chances and opportunities. By the grace of God, I was given chance after chance and before I knew it, I was building a reputation.

Two years later, things are different. And while I am banking on them getting better, I couldn't be happier with where I've reached. No longer do I need to struggle for a chance to write or to pitch an idea. And while I have had days where I wanted to throw in the towel, I found myself remembering a few lines I heard from Zoya Akhtar in an interview. She said, "Success is not about compromise. Its about going for it. You have to keep doing what you do and hang in there. You have to hone your crafy. And you have to be with good people." I found myself completely inspired by her ideals. With time and in retrospect, I now realize it was all so worth it. Yes, it's been a rollercoaster but I would do it all over again...and again. It took hard work but I've never been a believer of luck. If you work hard enough, opportunities come your way.

So on the occasion of my "birthday" I would like to thank everyone who has supported me, given me a chance and has been there when the going was tough. And to all of you who have been coming back to read my random thoughts on my blog, cheers! You've all been real pals.

Here's to two fabulous years and many more amazing years ahead!

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Vivek Nanda said...

Happy Birthday to You, happy birthday to you ...may you write for 1000 years and may you have 10000000000000 readers, Cheers :)


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