Zero Dinero!

In this day and age, where Bollywood celebs are constantly fighting to be the number one and vying to be the highest paid actors, we find that some (very few) actors actually are generous enough to take on films with absolutely no to little pay. Check it out.

Bipasha Basu: The actress forgoed any amount of remuneration for her role in Lamhaa

Shahid Kapoor: When it came to his minuscle role in Paathshala, Shahid said no to any form of payment as he wanted the film to reach out to people.

Akshay Kumar: Believe it or not, Khiladi Kumar, who is known for charging immense amounts of money for his films, is taking absolutely nothing for Tees Maar Khan which is also co-producing.

John Abraham: No money was taken by John for Aashayein.

Imran Khan: As a thank you to uncle Aamir, Imran has taken nothing for Delhi Belly.

Salman Khan: The uber generous Salman Khan always does it free for his family. He charged nothing for Atul Agnihotri's Hello and friend Saawan Kumar for his film Love - The Love Season.

Shah Rukh Khan: And lastly, SRK, an actor who does nothing for free, actually worked on Bhootnath for zero paisa!

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