5 Hard Things to Deal With...

Going through yet another bump in my life. Yes, life has thrown me another lemon which I have to dodge. The joys of life.Please sense the sarcasm. So this post is mainly to remind me of how hard it is to do things that are not fun and painful. I figured in life, there are five things that are uber hard to do and deal with.

1) Putting on a fake smile when you're hurting inside (read: heartbreak)

2) The feeling of rejection and betrayal

3) Feeling caged and bounded

4) Waking up every morning knowing you have nothing to look forward to

5) And finally, the hardest thing to do in life sometimes is deal with your mistakes/past and live

I'll get over it. I'll be fine. Remember: I am the master of my destiny; the captain of my soul. Now if I could just bring myself to believe it.

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Anonymous said...

One of those days huh! Hats off to you for putting these thoughts in ink. Although I try many times, I can never get myself to do that. I feel if I go so transparent, people would take double advantage of my vulnerability.

You know what I'd like to add to the list - being a mute bystander & having to deal with hypocrisy especially at home, with your parents, your siblings. There is no right or wrong way to deal with it! *sigh*


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