Two Strikes - You're Out!

I have come to believe that no matter how strongly we as Indians ask for our incompetent government to take action in many matters, we are basically talking to a brick wall. When a catastrophe happens and things go down super bad, then they assure us that justice will be served; "We will give you answers!" they tell us. And yet, nothing. Just as normal citizens go back to normal living, we are hit with another incident which does nothing but reassures us that yes, our government is incapable of providing us, tax-paying citizens, with a commodity as simple as security. Barely had the grueling memory of 26/11 faded from our minds when we were hit with another one to add to the batch of scars: Pune 13/2.

Granted the magnitude of the attack wasn't as great but this doesn't by any means indicate that it is okay. Not at all. In fact, if an attack this small cannot be prevented then I'm not sure what that says about the extent to which these "stateless actors" could harm the country. This time it was a small German Bakery which is located near the popular Osho Ashram and a local Jewish prayer house which are both, so I'm told, situated in a pretty happening part of Pune, Koregaon Park. Who knows where and what is next?

Who is to blame? Do we blame our government who we already know are incapable of anything. Or maybe we should blame the local police. Apparently, on the day of the attack, they were too busy patrolling around looking for Valentine's Day couples who chose to coochie-coo while the rest of the police were providing security to moviegoers who chose to defy the Shiv Sena and watch My Name is Khan. Does this mean we should blame Cupid and Karan Johar? Or maybe we should just blame ourselves. After all we should have known better right? We should have known that a simple local bakery is not the place to be on a Sunday evening as a terror strike was being planned.

If you're looking for answers, know this: you ain't getting any. The government will continue to provide you will cover ups, ways to demonstrate that they are working on it. They will let you know that Kasab's trial is being sped up and that David Headley is also being bought to justice. Mind you, it wasn't our Desi intelligence but the Americans who bought out the mastermind behind the 26/11 attacks. But this isn't what we are asking for! We want answers. When will YOU, the government of India, provide US, the tax-paying citizens, with the following:
1) Adequate answers
2) Justice for our lost victims
3) Security
I mean is that too much to ask? Perhaps. I'm not blaming the country here but the rotten system.

Our politicians are in dire need of a reality check. Where is Raj and Bal Thackeray now? Hiding yet again huh? And what happened to you Rahul Gandhi? Perhaps now you should hop on the next train to Pune to see what exactly transpired. I'm thoroughly disappointed in Chidambaram. I cannot believe a man of his stature actually have the audacity to say that this incident is not a failure in intelligence. YES IT IS! A complete failure. If you cannot provide our local neighborhoods with enough protection, then you as a government are a failed one.

The entire situation is disgraceful. As citizens, this is the time to ask for justice. Lives were lost, people injured and yet again a nation hurt. The morale of India is constantly being challenged. How many times will we pick ourselves up? I'm sick of hearing the phrase, "We will not allow terrorism to affect us." Let's not pretend it doesn't. It does. This is the second strike. This isn't a baseball game where you're given three strikes. This is real life. Two strikes, you are definitely out.


Virag Thakkar said...

I live couple of blocks from German Bakery & Cops had barricade right next to it. So they had the information about the attacks but its very difficult to prevent someone to just a put bomb and walk away. You can't frisk everyone.

As an alert citizen one shouldn't have opened up the bag and informed the police about it. No one did, it was lying there for an hour!

All said and done government has to be responsible but also the citizens!

Nipun said...

Have some very good memories connected with that place.
What can I say..:(
counting 1,2 and out..



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