Superficial Me

If you know me well, then you know that I am one of the most immaterial people in the world. Diamond bracelets, fancy cars, designer shoes or upper east side apartments have no value in my life. I have always felt like these things are just immaterial and unnecessary real happiness in life: love. But of course I am human and there are some things I have come to realize I simply cannot live without. These "things" have become an intricate part to my functioning on a daily basis. And thus, an important part of my life. So this post is dedicated to those very items that help me get through each and everyday.

BlackBerry: How I ever managed without my amazing red BB is beyond me!

Planner: I know it is the age of the PDA but I prefer my old fashioned paper planner. It keeps my life organized.

Laptop: My entire writing career is stored on my laptop. It really is my version of a bank locker.

I-Pod: I heart music. My red I-Pod is the only way I can stay on the go and still stay musically in tune.

Wallet: Yet again my RED wallet stores many important necessities...moolah and cards!

Time Wear: I have never lived without a watch. And while I am in need of a new one, I love my silver Bulolva for now.

Eyewear: For the sun, my Miyagi's and to see, my glasses; I need them and how!

Protection: My mother gave me an Om pendant which I look to when I feel like I need a kick from God.

Outer Wear: My grey hoodie and Tolani scarf accompany me all season long. I need my warmth.

Messages: I love my daily messages from my Dad. It keeps me going.

Phones: I need to talk to my sister and nani on a daily basis. Their voices keeps me smiling.

Bollywood: It runs through my skin and blood. I need my daily dosage.

Showers: Its the only time I get time to myself. I love my "ME" time.

And Love: In whatever form, I need my daily dose of love! And most of the time, I get it.. and lots!

Thank you "Things!" You are valued and appreciated. Lovesssssss!!!


Nipun said...

Agree with the list completely.
There are things without which we cant survive. Daily doses are obviously necessary..:)

Some common items.

*Checking my things*

Lovely post..:)



Sbalani said...

Let me like the colour....RED! :D :P.

Its amazing to see really how immaterial you are. Whilst admittedly I like to think myself as such aswell, I wouldnt go so far as to say those things would be meaningless in my life (I dream of a snazzy hi tech penthouse smack in the middle of London :D).

BUt on the topic of things I cant live without I'd have to say it would be, my Bberry (as old and decrepid that it is, I've grown too accustomed by BBM xD to the point where I'd have two phones just so I had my bb for bbm and the other for everythign else)

My beloved laptop - like you it carries my career in it. Although I've done the wise thing of having far too many hard drives and keep lots of backups. if you have a mac buy a time capsule. its you friend. Also I reccomend an offsite backup like onblaze or blaze or something like that i forget the name. Automatically backs up my entire system and all hard drives attached. I feel a little better knowing my local photo collection is backed up in some warehouse somewhere I can easily access and retrieve.

Ipod & Itunes, nuff said

My X box. Videogames My distraction from life :D

Online Piracy. Same as above at an affordable price xD

and I'm quite sure you can figure out the last item on my list.

I'm sure there are more but I'm too sleepy and this comment has gone on to turn itself into a mini post so I'll shut up now :P


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