Dear Sachin, YOU are a GOD!

I've repeatedly said on numerous occasions, in India only Bollywood and Cricket sells. And when the maestro and God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar goes out only to score 200 runs in an One Day International game - 50 overs, you can't help but sit in awe of the most amazing cricketer to live. It was only him who could work it with such style, elan and grace. The news channel went on about this actor and this politician who is so proud of the Indian cricketer but his 200 is really a great inspiration to so many people around the world. Yes, it is an achievement and milestone. Yes, it is his personal best. But this humble cricketer went on to say one thing in a news conference post his fantastic knock that made me realize why he is THE Master Blaster. He said very simply, "I don't play cricket to break records; I play it because I am passionate about cricket." It is because of this simplicity, honesty and humility that he is perhaps the greatest cricketer in the country.

After every great knock, 50, 100, 150 and even 200, Tendulkar looked straight up to the skies. The cricketer realizes the importance of thanking his "lucky stars" and say thank you for the blessings he has from his family, fans and an entire nation. How many international sportsmen are like that? Very few I would imagine. In the same token, how many dedicate their best knock till date to the "people of India?" Almost none. Sachin is by far one of the most loved Indians in the world and yet realizes that without the support of his fans would literally have crashed ages ago.

The man is sheer talent and displays that from the get-go. It all began at 16 and here he is 20 years later doing what only the best in the business can do. While I'm sure there are millions of people in the country strive and wish to be the next Sachin T., there will only ever be one. And if they need to learn anything from him, it is his sheer humility that they must possess along with determination and real passion for cricket. Whether we find the next or not, time will tell. In the meantime, it is February 24, 2010 that will always mark the day when a phenomenal cricketer scored a once in a lifetime knock of 200. You have made your nation proud yet again. We salute, bow and worship you Sachin; you truly are a Cricketing GOD. Amen.

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TechShankar said...

I like your post. It's Fantastic amazing performance by Sachin.
Congrats to Sachin Dear Little Master.

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sh..... said...

Well written!!!
So happy to be born in this era where Sachin is ......

Congrats to Master Blaster..!!


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