The Nose Ring Dilemma

I have a dilemma. So, for the last nine years now I have had a nose ring that has become a part of my face and personality. It gave me some definition and spoke volumes about my personality, "Yes, I was modern but still traditional." However, recently I have found myself wondering if I should rid myself of the diamond stud which sits on my nose. I feel that I have gotten older, in a mature way, and thus believe that the nose ring should be gone with. I was told by "someone" a few years ago to get rid of it. Reason? It made me look like a villager. My response, needless to say, was one of anger and you can safely assume, that "someone" and I are not friends anymore. Anyhow, I realized that with time, people change and changes are good. Thus, a change in my appearance is really not a bad thing. I will cherish the moments I have had with my nose stud from the time it was placed on my nose to number of times I've had to be careful of it in various instances. On the flip side, my nose ring is a bit of a tribute to my paternal Grandmother; it reminds me that I am Desi; looks pretty and sets me apart from the rest. So basically after discussing whether or not I should take it off, I have realized that I still have made no decision.

Oh bah! I'll be spontaneous and keep it on. I'm sure I'll look at the mirror one day and in a spur of a moment take it off. You will be informed when and if that happens. Until then, I will be diamond crusted and continue to wear my nose bling.


Sakhi said...

I personally think you can keep it. I love the fact that when you're Desi and have a nose ring no one judges you looks like it was always meant to be there. Body piercing ofcourse something people judge you by especially when you're in professional field and going for interviews etc but when you're Desi it doesn't affect anyone and II think that's amazing!

I am dying to get one myself however I'd like to get one with a proper gold stuff and not an imitation or plated gold because that increases chances of infection.

Anyway, my vote, keep it! hehe..

its just me said...

there is nothing wrong wearing nose ring.there was a time when it was highly in fashion and almost every college girl was wearing it.but my only curiosity is how do they manage it when they have cold.


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