A Banter Session

So I had a couple of things I wanted to blog about today and instead of writing a bunch of separate ones, I decided to do indulge in a small banter session (its been a while). Yes, I'm in the mood to talk obviously; when am I not. But its rather essential in my mind to blog about the following because otherwise, I will land up feeling bottled and will eventually want to pull out my hair at some point. Here we go.

When is Enough, Enough?
I believe, or rather more recently have rather have begun to believe, that every relationship has boundaries. This ultimately means no one is allowed to take advantage of you, take you for granted or even cross lines. Lately, I've been laying the groundwork for that idea and cutting "people" off for taking it too far with me. Everyone has a saturation point; a limit. Once you cross that line, you're officially out. But when is enough, enough? And what about instances where you aren't sure? Sometimes people are put in busy circumstances that literally makes you feel like if you tell them they are starting to take advantage of you, you look inconsiderate. So do you wait it out?

Uhh...Excuse Me
So some dude, whom I prefer not to name or even refer to his blog post, decided that he would just sit around and bitch out India nonstop. And thus, just because I HAVE to, I decided to rebuttal each of his so-called arguments.
  • The Pollution: Look, I'm not a horse who walks around with blinders. I know India isn't perfect, but just as Maddy said in Rang De Basanti, "No country is perfect; we have to make it perfect." Yes, India has a clear pollution problem; the filth, the carbon exhaust, the noise all of it. But it isnt as though the country isn't aware of what the problem. The number of committees, groups and acts that are actively attempting to fix the issue. So instead of sitting and creating noise (hello! pollution), this blogger could have pointed out the problem and ways to help the environment versus bitching about it.
  • The Infrastructure: If the blogger in question, would actually take a closer look at the in the number of buildings, fly-overs and the elimination of slums in most cities, he would have realized how much India has changed in a small period of time. As for transportation, over 1600 new buses with air-conditioning are being prepared to hit roads in Mumbai and electronic ticketing will be a part of the future.
  • The Government and Corruption: Oh blah! Every country is filled with corrupt politicians and folks. Don't even sit and tell me the U.S. and Europe house solely honest government officials. I refuse to believe that. Yes, it is harder to get things done easily without paying your way out BUT a new wave and breed of younger potential politicians is on its way to Indian politics. Within 10 years, we will reduce the corruption value in the country.
And with that ends my feud with the India-Basher. Take that you pessimistic fool. I feel better now.

The End of the World
Chile was unfortunately hit with an 8.8 magnitude earthquake today which landed up starting a series of Tsunami's in the Pacific region. And of course after Mom decided that earthquakes were triggered by the excess pollution, I quickly explained that Plate Techtonics have no correlation with pollution, she then said, "The World is Ending!" After I rolled my eyes at her and her exagerated ways, I then thought, what if the world was going to end... I mean its been a strange beginning to the year, earthquakes galore. And 2012 is on the brink of arrival. So I thought about what I would do if the world was going to end... tomorrow. Here is a list of 10 things I would immediately do:

1) Take the first flight out to Mumbai; I'd like to die on my own land.

2) Eat all my favorite foods in one sitting: cakes, chocolates, pies, sushi, biryani's all of it! And to save time, I'll eat all this on a plane.

3) Tell whoever I haven't how much I care about them.

4) I'd swim in the Pacific Ocean.

5) Hug a Polar Bear.

6) Get my hair and nails done. Wear my best attire; Die in style.

7) Go to the temple.

8) Eat dinner from my grandmother's hands.

9) Take a last look at the view of Mumbai.

10) And die amongst my favorite people!

However, I don't think the world is going to end anytime soon. Okay all blogged out. Over and out.


ani_aset said...

LOL roshni " Get my hair and nails done. Wear my best attire; Die in style.
" just loved your list

Back Seat said...

I liked your take on the India beating blog.


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