Now India Runs on Dunkins?

Dunkin Donuts has officially opened in Mumbai! Although it really is late; Baskin Robbins, an official partner with DD's opened up in India eons ago. However, it has opened to much hoopla - naturally. The story goes like this. One day my grandmother, who live in the snooty South Mumbai decided to head out to Breach Candy and to her surprise saw a flock of people crowded around a new Donut store; all American- Dunkin Donuts. So in she walks and after waiting in line for a while, she finally gets to the front to find out that each donut costs 200 rupees! TWO HUNDRED RUPEES? When she reiterated the story to me, I found myself dumb-founded. Living in the US it costs me at the very most 99 cents a pop which works out 48 rupees. So basically, I've come to believe that Americans believe that Donuts in India are working out to be a novelty or a luxury food even. However, they have had donuts in India for a while now -- desi style of course.

This struck up a cool conversation with my mom regarding the opening of an American Donut Store in India. While I sat and pondered over how on earth the corporate office came up with this calculation, my mom was quick to explain to me a few things. Firstly, the location -- Breach Candy in South Mumbai was filled with rich folks for whom 200 rupees is literally 99 cents equivalent. And and and, if you buy 3 donuts, you can snag a deal for 500 rupees. So that covers the upper-crust. What about the middle-working class? Well for them, this becomes a luxury that they will learn to appreciate -- and only be able to indulge in on rare occasions. Either way Dunkin Donuts has found itself a new niche market. That's for sure.

Needless to say, my grandmom bought a whole bunch of donuts-- she can't resist them. I for one found myself not only craving a good jelly donut but appreciating the mere dollar I have to spend to get donut versus the four I would have to spend if I bought it in Mumbai.

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