"You Are My Sunshine"

There’s a room in my Grandmother’s fancy Malabar Hill apartment known as “The Blue Room” simply because the room has hints of blue while the room next door is “The Pink Room.” The Blue Room also houses a clock whose face is a photograph of my Grandfather, my sister and myself. And every time I look at the clock, I’m transported back in time to my childhood.

I’ve always been lucky to be surrounded by great men who not only inspire me but aren’t afraid to give me the best advice; my Father, my Uncles and more so now, my Brother. But this isn’t about any of them; this is about my Grandfather.

My fondest memories of my Grandfather go back to when I was all of six. I would sit on his lap and we would sing the chorus of “You are my sunshine” by Johnny Cash. Later on, it was my Grandfather who insisted we wake up bright and early on August 15th, and would drag us in our pajama’s to watch the raising of the Indian flag on its Independence Day. Every year, he would reiterate the importance of the flag, the reasons for the saffron, white and green and tell us stories of the partition. While we spent most of our summers soaking up the monsoons in Mumbai, it was him who insisted we make friends and hauled us down to society podium only to give us some of our closest friends till date. My last memory of my Grandfather was when he took my siblings and I on a day out in Mumbai. We visited the History Museum and the local Aquarium. I still remember how proudly he spoke about the history of India as we repeatedly yawned. Now how I wished I hadn’t been bored and sucked up all the lessons he was teaching us at that time.

Recently, my Grandmother told me the story of how my Grandfather wooed her back in the day with love letters, which ultimately did its job and she fell in love with him for that very charismatic nature. I wish he were here today, to tell me off when I’ve been bad, to teach guide me when I’m stuck or even to pick me up when I’ve hit rock bottom. However, I do know he is watching from up above and I would like to think he is proud of me; proud that I’ve finally found my calling and done what makes me happy only because he inspired me in so many incredible ways.

I’d be no where or nothing without him…so this one is dedicated to him. I love and miss you very much Daddy.

And if you’re looking for inspiration, look no further. We have an amazing line up of interviewees today. But before that, I’d like to welcome Dimple Motwani onboard. She will be contributing interviews with great personalities on a regular basis.


Love and light,
Roshni M.

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