My Grandfather: My Hero

Very recently, I had to help a student out with a High School Entrance Essay Question. It was quite simply, "Who is your hero and why." He chose me, for reasons unknown to me although his idea of a hero was much different to mine. It actually made me ponder over the qualities of a "hero." I think people have a misconception that a hero needs to be someone famous or someone who has achieved a milestone in their life. I personally don't believe in that theory at all in fact. A hero in my opinion, is someone who has a cause in life, who stands up for themselves and unjustice and stays humble: My Grandfather.

My Grandfather was not a famous man to the world. But ask his country club and they'll tell you, he was the most popular man on the premises. He was a failed businessman but never failed to try and succeed at every business project he started. He was one of the most knowledgable men I have known. His lessons and teachings have remained with me almost a decade after he's been gone. A man who loved his country, who taught me the colors of my flag (Saffron for patrotism; White for peace; Green for faith) , who would sit and sing to me "You are my sunshine," who laughed when my brother threw his glasses out of a moving car, who would sit and try to fix my sister's bugs teeth when we all knew only braces would do it, and in the end died fighting from cancer, there was too much to love and so much to learn. So why do I believe that he needs a heroic stance? Simply because he was the greatest man to walk earth because they don't make men like him anymore. His theory in life was simple: live your life like it's your last day and do it now!

I wish he was alive today. I wish I could call him for advice and I think I wouldn't have made some of the bad choices I have made today. It makes me wonder if it would have been different if he was alive even today. I wish I could sit on his lap and sing my song with him - everything would be just fine then. But I know he's watching over me, tut-tutting me for my wrong choices, and tapping me on the head when I make the correct ones; however, I'm just beginning to start making him proud. One day I hope he'll look down on me and say, "That is my grand Roshni."

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