Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh,

Namaste. My name is Roshni Mulchandani. I am a Non-Resident Indian born and raised in Hong Kong and currently residing in California, USA. I live in small city by the name of Fremont, which has a wonderful Indian population making us feel like we are back home in India most of the time. I was born into a family where perhaps the most important lessons we learnt were based on our Indian values and beliefs. My parents and grandfather instilled values of patriotism and nationalism into us from a childhood and we have always been proud Indians. We have experienced many beautiful Indian summers in Mumbai (previously Bombay) and of course every August 15th, we would watch our flag fly high with pride in our hearts. There is so much to be proud of after all. We have a beautiful history, a historic heritage, have fought victorious wars and gained independence from the British in perhaps one of the most beautiful ways in the world. I may not live in India but I am a proud Indian who is not afraid of sharing my love for my country with the rest of the world.

Like the rest of the world, I too watched the heinous terror attacks that Mumbai faced on November 26th 2008. I sat in front of my television in dismay, shock and horror at how such lowlifes could come into a city and over a span of 60 hours attempt to destroy the very essence of what it stands for. It was even more horrific to see the aftermath that occurred and it really broke my heart. I saw Anti Terrorist Squad inspector Hemant Karkare bravely walk into Cama Hospital adorning a misfitting helmet and an old bullet proof jacket and then minutes later heard of his demise. It truly was a sad day in Indian history.

My reason for writing this letter to you is very simple: Change is required. We have too many corrupt and uneducated politicians trying to run a country that is considered a future superpower. First of all, it makes no sense that we have an open coastline that is unprotected by any force especially since Mumbai is the financial hub of India. Clearly this problem has been identified in the past when the blasts occurred in 1993. It seems like we were basically asking for this attack to occur. Despite the catastrophe, the coastline was left open and prone to such an attack to reoccur. If that wasn’t shameful enough the brave officers who had to tackle the situation were given equipment that was outdated and in some cases did not work. How is possible for our men to fight terrorists who have modern day rifles versus the Indian police who have old fashioned guns that apparently were not working adequately.

It also shames me to see that the Maharashtian government did not immediately contact the armed forces of all facets to interject without delay and take control of the situation. When they were finally called, there was no sufficient transportation for them as all of the government jets were in use. How is it possible that at a time of emergency none of the politicians could give up their usage for that time and dedicate it to ensuring the country was safe. Do we not have sufficient funds? In that case, where is all the tax payers’ money going? I think the people of Mumbai and India have every right to know why it is that they were not protected by their government.

Once the ordeal was over, the dead counted, the terrorists killed and caught, answers were required. It was then the ministers decided that none of them wanted to take the heat and quit one by one. Why are they being allowed to quit? Isn’t that the easy way out? Being a public servant, they are answerable to every question and must take responsibility. Quitting and bypassing the questions is just an easy route for these politicians who are taking advantage of the situation now. This is also not acceptable.

It is so easy for us to say that terror has no religion. However, and unfortunately, we all know exactly where these terrorists are being harbored and trained. We are secular country who is appreciative of all religions but when we have another country send terrorists who cause havoc, we have to take action; even if it is our neighboring country. I may not understand the fundamental intricate political details but I do know this: It is not good enough that we are still allowing our neighbors to come into our country. We must protect our people and block the borders. Security must be tight at all points where the enemy can attack us and hurt us.

As an Indian, it is our innate right to protection from our government. If we are not protected in places such as posh hotels and hospitals, then how can we be safe in our own homes? Our government must improve and it is your job to ensure that our land and its people are protected. They must do whatever it takes to do this even if it means giving up their foreign cars and high standards of living. The Indian government must now have some standards and expectations of their politicians. The ones who are not meeting expectations and this includes malfunctioning behavior, such as corruption which is a part of the system whether you choose to accept it or not, should be sacked instantaneously. There is no room or space in Indian history for another 26/11.

Such an event has caused the average Indian to wake up and finally realize that if they do not take a stand, then their government will bring them down. When will the Indian government finally realize that they are public servants and they are in operation because of the people. India has the biggest democracy in the world and the Indian government takes full advantage of this in all wrong ways. India is a country to watch out for and the whole world can see that. However, the Indian Government is making India look like a mockery right now with such an inadequate officials. The Indian people are depending on you for immediate action. I hope you will not disappoint them and me.

What these terrorists do not realize is that we are Indian and it is not possible to break our spirit. We are not scared. We will fight them and our government which we have voted for to ensure that we are protected. As a parting word, I have a great amount of respect for your and your administration. I am sure you will do the needful to help protect India and its people.

Thank you for your time.


Roshni Mulchandani
Jai Hind

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