2009 - mine, mine, mine

By Roshni Mulchandani

2008 is nearing its end; lots has happened, lots has changed; some good, some bad but somehow this year I grew up. I also found my calling in life and realized on some level what I want from my life. I found my "zing" and my ambitious ways from middle years in high school all of a sudden came running back into my bloodstream.
But the year is nearly over and it makes me wonder what my goals are for the upcoming year. I dont believe in resolutions because I feel the need to break them and defy myself - odd child I am! So here they come....

1) Will make sure my ambition and career come before anything or anyone else - minus family.

2) Will get into a top Indian magazine.

3) Will allow myself to fall in love this year, make sure it lasts and be mature about it.

4) Will finally start to be more independent.

5) Start my journalism course

6) Start writing a great script, send it in and begin to fulfill my dreams!

7) Will go back to being a faithful Indian cricket watcher.

Will keep adding before the year ends and as they keep popping into my head.

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