Dear Indian Government: SAVE OUR GIRLS!

A rape in India means a couple of things; candlelight vigils, panel discussions and of course, lots of outrage in the form of protests by human right activists. But what use is all of this? In the past, what has any candlelight vigil done besides waste precious candles that could be given to the poor for heat and light? And why do these panelists waste our time screaming and shouting about how the government needs to pucker up when they leave the discussion only to forget the incident? And more importantly, how many more times will these human right activists take to the streets to be unheard?

Post the gang rape of this 23-year-old girl on a moving bus by a men who were ‘looking for a good time’, people have come to realize that this is apparently ‘now’ unacceptable. Really? Only now? When has it ever been acceptable to rape a young girl? This is not an unknown problem in India and especially not a mysterious issue in Delhi. It is in fact, perhaps, one of the most normal pieces of news to read on a regular basis. But the government of India continues to let go of rapists in the country like they would a petty thief. Promises of harsh punishments are hardly upheld and a lot of the time these rapists are put in jail, the issue sidestepped and the Indian public are subjected to yet another case of red herring.

Many middle class young girls in Delhi, who do not have the privilege of a car and/or driver, will tell you stories of how sexual harassment is practically an ‘everyday experience’. Groping, eve teasing and being followed are normal practices in Delhi. And these cases are simply not reported any more simply because these girls know nothing will happen of it. Instead, they will more likely fall victim to even more severe molestation which may include rape. Ultimately, what the Indian government has done is given immense power to these wretched disgusting men as they encourage violence.

In the past, the uneducated folks of the Indian government have come out to defend the rapists claiming that girls should not dress ‘provocatively’, live a 2012 lifestyle which consists of socializing, drinking and living a life of their choice. The idea is simple; men are allowed to go out, have a gala time, drink and be merry but you, as an Indian woman are not because if you do, you are asking to be raped. You see, because you are an Indian woman. You must live like they did in 1924, not like they do now in the New World. So this means that if you are in traditional wear, i.e. salwar kameez and/or sari, you will not be raped, yes? Additionally, an expose by Tehelka states that police officers also claim that if you are indulging in sex with ONE man, you are allowed to be raped by him and his friends. Women should not keep the company of men because that is also a trigger for rape and oh, if you’re mother is divorced, then it’s your mother’s fault. Why is she divorced? Cause she is a slut. So, by default, you are a slut and all sluts must be raped. And lastly, you should be raped because you report the rape. A good Indian girl would never complain of being raped. So if you did, you either deserved it OR you weren’t really raped. Taking all of the above into account, therefore, Indian women on some level everywhere deserve to be raped. There you go.

Here’s some perspective. Currently there are 890 pending rape cases in India and the most likely punishment for the rapists ‘will not be less than 7 years but it may be for life or for a term which may extend to 10 years. The person shall also be liable to fine.’ This is all they will get. Till date, no rapist has served a life imprisonment for a rape crime since this is reserved for cases of murder and ‘waging war against the country’.

Apparently, India is the most democratic country in the world. Apparently, India also worships its goddesses because they hold the most power amongst all its deities. And apparently, this case will be fast-tracked. But this all is just small talk for a country which still allows khaps to exist, where a dictator is given a state funeral and where a terrorist is given first class treatment after it comes into a city and causes mayhem for three days.

Till now, the government who needs to stand up and take responsibility has yet to come out and offer its condolences to the family of the victim. They choose to shamelessly sit on the sidelines and act as though this is yet another minor crime. It is not. There is no protection for the girls of India and thus, time has now come for the women of India to come learn to protect themselves. They have no choice. They cannot depend on men – irrespective of the relationship to them, to save them from harm. Indian women are not only raped by strangers but in many cases, by men in their family too. This is shameful on so many levels. Men supposedly worship the women in our families; call them Lakshmi, Durga, Mata, vow to protect their sisters while the women fast and pray for their long life. All for what? So that they may be raped one day. 

What will happen to this poor girl, no one knows. But the time to take a stand is now. Asking the men of India to grow some balls and protest against this heinous crime may be too much. Thus, the women have to come together now to demand protection from the government.

To end, I’ll say this. A young Indian girl was heard saying to an Indian news channel, ‘I’d rather be shot by a deranged man in America than be raped on a moving bus in Delhi.’


Rajen Makhijani said...


The Dear Indian Govt you are writing to, is the biggest rapist of them all. Not figuratively... literally!

You are asking rapists to come down heavily on rapists!

Rajen Makhijani said...

The very Indian Govt to whom you are addressing your letter is the biggest rapist of them all. Not figuratively, but literally.

30%+ of parliamentarians are themselves accused of rape, murder and extortion, we'd be naive to think that we'll have stricter laws on rape or actual enforcement on ground.

You are asking rapists to take action against rapists!


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