Saifeena Wala Shaadi!

Shaadi Time!
I love shaadi time in Bollywood. And because I care so passionately about Hindi films, I feel like I am an extended part of the family. How filmy did that just sound? See, I fit in so well. But really, weddings make the world such a happy place and yesterday happened to be the day that my favorite Kareena Kapoor, whom I pyar se refer to as Bebo Didi, tied the knot with her beau and now my jeeju, Saif Ali Khan.

Theirs is a love story that most girls only dream of. Yeah, he has a bit of a shady past, but that didn’t stop Bebo from realizing that this Nawab was the man of her dreams. So they courted, moved in together, costarred in flop films, dodged the ‘shaadi kab karoge?’ question only to finally call it a day and are now Mr. and Mrs. Saif Ali Khan. If you know me, you know this would be a rather long ‘aww’ moment for me. But I'll refrain due to public objection and the constant criticism that comes with my aww-ing.

But the real question is, what have we learned from Saifeena, India’s kinda-sorta royal couple, as they embark on holy matrimony?  

1. Second hand jawani. It’s shaadi number two for Saif who was previously married to Amrita Singh, an actress many years his senior. Second time round, it's Bebo darling for him and she happens to be ten years his junior. But who’s has time for all that math?  

2. Power, Baby. She is now, Kareena Kapoor Khan aka Begum of Pataudi.  

3. No Band Baaja or Baraat. It is possible to have a low-key yet fun wedding even if you are a powerhouse couple. Are you reading Abhishek and Ash?

4. Skirt Chaser No More. If a Casanova finds his Ms. Right, he will eventually give up his womanizing ways and settle down…temporarily at least. Does that make Bebo, Ms. Right-Now?

5. Flop Jodi. You may not have a single hit film to your name as a pair, but you sure as hell can be the most popular and loved jodi in town.

Here’s wishing my favorite couple a lifetime of happiness, love and eternal bliss!

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Rita Pal said...

I don't actually think this dude is a long term relationship fixer. Maybe he is in love with Kareena today. Depends what his definition of love is. Sometimes I think these guys live in a fake world of love. When reality dawns on them, they run.


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