Yes, yes, I am back. Just fell into a bit of a lull (or is it LULZ) or rather, fell into a really rotten ditch. And then just like Bruce Wayne (Batman) who too had fallen in a jail/well, I too had to face my fears and climb out of it minus a rope. So here I am, raring to go and basically, a lot on my mind which of course, I must share with ya’ll, cause, um you all missed me so much and are all dying with agony to hear about everything I have to say, no? Of course, you are. And if you aren’t excited, well then too bad; you have no choice.

That Loser Shooter
First of all, to all my ‘friends’ who thought it would be funny to send me messages along the lines of, “Don’t get shot!” after I updated my status on FB to read, “#TDKR @ the cinema”, have you met my middle finger? Who needs enemies when I got friends like you? Anyway, back to the loser shooter whom I refuse to name because that will only give him more attention than he deserves. I’ll say this. Until America doesn’t fix its gun laws, it really should not and cannot call itself a first world country. Not only that, but the loser shooter, is still only a ‘suspect’ because he is ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and oh, did I mention that he’s white. Why is that important? Here’s why. Dekho, if he was Black, he’d be a drug addict; if he was Latino, then a border hopper and if he was Muslim, then a terrorist. But he is none of the above and thus, he is just a suspect. Welcome to America in 2012; where the White still reign and everyone else is still judged by stereotypes. One only hopes the media will pay more attention to the victims and give their families strength to get through this difficult time.

He Has Risen…and How!
Yes, The Dark Knight Rises has been watched and loved immensely. Christopher Nolan has outdone himself this time with the most epic ending to a trilogy possible. Yes, all the actors put on amazing performances which left you spellbound but it’s the plot, the execution and the climax which forced the 4:50 PM show at Pacific Commons Cinema, Auditorium 10, to give the film a standing ovation followed by a roaring applause. I refuse to give out any spoilers. You simply just have to watch it to understand the epicness that is The Dark Knight Rises.

Desi Girl
So according to an ‘ignorant’ daily, India is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women. You know this is only because of recent horrific events, right? But to set the record straight, here are some facts.

Women raped on a daily basis in Congo: 1,152
Women raped on a daily basis in India: 57

90% of women face domestic violence in Pakistan
70% of women face domestic violence in India

In Afghanistan, 87% of women are illiterate
In India, 35% of the women are illiterate

India doesn’t look so bad in comparison, eh? Look, even these numbers aren’t something we, as modern day Indians, should be proud of. The fact that we have double digit numbers in any of these categories is rather shameful. But to call India a “dangerous” country is rather far-fetched. Yes, we’re currently clearly dealing with a bunch of frustrated set of men who, in some parts of India, where men believe women are still inferior. This doesn’t mean the entire male population of India is out on the streets waiting to gang rape every woman they see. It just isn’t like that. In fact, while the women are outraged at what has happened in Guwahati, the men of India are equally as furious. To call India a “dangerous” country is completely ignorant. There are imbeciles in every developed country in the world but that hardly makes us ‘dangerous’. And if we were THAT dangerous, would we have been able to elect a female Prime Minister and President?

The Guwahati incident had me fuming. But it was uneducated ignorant comments that some idiotic Indian men made towards the incident that made me want to literally castrate them too along with the perpetrators who need to be hung from their penises for their crime. A conversation with an unknown moronic man from North East India went something like this.

Me: These men should be castrated.
Him: Why? These girls should be more careful.
Me: Excuse me?
Him: Guwahati is a Naxal area. And where are these girls parents? Why did they allow them to go out of the house at night?
Me: Are you educated? You sound illiterate right now.
Him: What?! We don’t know about these girls.
Me: It doesn’t matter what they’re wearing, where their parents are, why they were at a bar and where in the world they are, you cannot touch a girl! Rape is something else!
Him: But this is a Naxal area.
Me: And that makes it okay?
Him: No but these girls are wrong.
Me: You’re an idiot.
Him: Oh, well.

Castrate him too? I think so.

And on a rather lighter note, just want to quickly point out how the first look poster of Heroine starring apni Bebo aka Kareena Kapoor looks a lot like my Twitter display picture. Errr…inspiration or sheer replication?

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