Doctor KK Talwar of the Medical Council of India,

You are a disgusting man. How dare you sit on a public platform and act like you’re doing the country a favor by merely existing? Did you not feel even an ounce of remorse for every single person whose life has been destroyed by the malpractice of sick doctors? And when you were question by Aamir Khan as to a commitment, you simply shook your head. Sick. We all saw you looking to run out the nearest studio door as a wave of guilt came your way. Your hesitation and lack words towards making any changes, or reform, is unacceptable. You’ve been in office for nine months. Is that not enough time for you to have made any changes?

I was totally shocked by your inadequacy to answer even simply questions which any Chairman of a medical council should/would know. How on earth should we expect any changes in Indian healthcare when you have no idea as to how many doctor’s licenses have been revoked. I could have told you that and I have close to zero knowledge about the Indian healthcare system except that it is in dire need of reform. How should I, an aam aadmi, be expected to understand the policies of the MCI when you are unable to comprehend them yourself?

I’d love to take a peek at your bank account over the last nine months. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if overnight, you’ve found yourself X amount times richer courtesy of all the ‘work’ you’ve done. Look, I’m not saying that it is your solo job to eradicate corruption from the medical field, but for heaven’s sake, make some bloody changes. When the women of a village find themselves devoid of a uterus, then really, some real big changes need to take place and now.

Post the show, I sat to google the reactions that people had towards your appearance on Satyamev Jayante. The consensus was clear: you are nothing but a sham. The manner in which you presented yourself and the MCI was simply disgusting. As an Indian, I expect nothing from you, nor do I expect any changes from the MCI.

I believe that change will only happen in the generation that follows. It is through them that hopefully we will see changes in the Indian healthcare system. Until then, I hope that the citizens of India, who have lost loved ones, body parts and those who are still footing huge bills after no fault of their own, realize ultimately, as usual, they will have to take things into their own hands.

Apparently, you’ve been felicitated with a number of awards and recognition too. But for what? You reek of corruption, deceit and guilt.



Dr Mohinder Kumar said...

What you have written about Dr K.K.Talwar is totally correct. I know the working of MCI for last 10 years as I am fighting on my own to weed out corruption from MCI. I have filled number of Public interest litigation and the affidavits which are filed in Hon'ble Delhi High Court on Behalf of Chairman BOG shows very clearly that he and other members of BOG are sitting to make money which is very sad for the Medical profession and country at large. Today MCI is only Allowing Production of Licence Killers by granting permission to private colleges, who do not have faculty and patients to teach the students,
Dr Mohinder Kumar, MBBS,MS,FRCS
(Whistle blower)

Rajguru said...

I am not bothered here wht IMA thinks about it, they r bothered here that this awareness might bring their margins lower. IMA need not to worry bcoz goverment is sleeping n will not take any step to do so. lMA sleep nicely n continue doing dirty job.


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