Dear Hindustan Times,

I have never used foul language on my blog. Never. But today I will make an exception. I would like to tell you a quick Fuck You today. I feel that as a recognized Indian portal, you have gone ahead to behave in a completely moronic fashion with your “Kareena Kapoor: Size Zero to Fatso” pictorial piece. This is not about Kareena Kapoor. Not at all. This is about how insensitive a piece this was. You do realize that KK is not a “fatso”, right? In fact, I clearly remember how nutty your publication went a few years ago when she took on her size zero avatar. Back then you called her a whole bunch of names including “unhealthy”. So what’s the issue now? Do you understand that you are basically implying that if you put on a bit of healthy weight, you become a fatso? And then hold on a quick second. Kareena Kapoor puts on a kilo or two and she’s a fatso, but Vidya Balan who can be easily borderline obese is what? Sexy? Why the double standards, you morons?

One of the biggest health related issues young girls deal with include anorexia and bulimia. As a society, we look down on girls who are slightly chubby or big boned – unless you’re Vidya Balan of course, then you’re just plain voluptuous. As a leading Indian publication, your job is to educate and eliminate this outdated idea from the minds of old fashioned Indians. By putting up pieces that look down on a healthy weight, you’re hardly being progressive. By this logic, you have to be a fair size zero fair woman in order to be considered hot, yes? If that is indeed your opinion, then basically my “fuck you” is completely justified.

I understand where these pieces come from. As Indians and Bollywood freaks, we’re all slightly obsessed with every aspect of a star’s life. And when it comes to Kareena Kapoor, we’re infatuated with her size. So of course, in order to bring in readers, it’s best to talk about her weight which has increased, thankfully. But calling her a “fatso” is simply not on. And then the malicious comments on each of her images were just plain down market. By sensationalizing this issue, you are indirectly promoting size zero. For this, another fuck you.

To say that you should rectify your mistake would be asking for too much. So instead, all I want to do is reiterate what I’ve been saying all along: Fuck You. Until you don’t grow the eff up and start writing meaningful articles, you deserve this type of reader. You’ve lost a reader in me. Oh and I’ve put on 2 kilos in the last few months. So yeah, I’m a proud fatso. And what?

P.S. Once again, she isn't FAT. 


Crimson Feet said...

lol... a fairly gentle a response i say, for the kind of seemingly hidden rage!

dig your twitter handle


Boshika said...

I second everything you've written here. Well said.


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