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Ever since my Sindhi’s in a Bubble piece, I’ve been crowned an Anti-Sindhi. I often hear from friends that people find/found my piece rather insulting and apparently, some even felt ‘betrayed’. I don’t feel the need to sit and justify my piece. It’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to (yes, I’m a five-year-old that way). But to sit and call me “Anti-Sindhi”, now that’s unfair. In fact, I’m a proud Sindhi. If you know me well, you know I love my heritage heaps; I’m all about Sindhi power. But I’m not going to sit here and stand by those who are participating in the ho-hum stereotyped way of Sindhi living. We’re in 2011 for goodness sake! If you’re still looking to conform and live a life of orthodoxy, then yes, please spare me from loving you.

However, today I stand prouder than ever because a fabulous story I came across regarding two amazing Sindhis who dared to be different. While I regularly hear of dreadful stories where a gay Indian man will marry an innocent Indian woman all because he’s too scared to come out, here’s a gay couple who aren’t scared to be honest about their relationship and go on to even legally commit to one another. And they just happen to be Sindhi. New Yorkers Navin Manglani and Navin Dargani were married amongst hundreds in New York City this July to receive recognition of their relationship after the same sex marriage law passed in the state (Rediff.com). The couple came out in full tashan as their dressed the part and happily indulged in holy matrimony.

Now this is when I really feel like a proud Sindhi. I dread to question how many gay Sindhi men are out there but are too scared of our rather conservative society; yes, I’m using a diplomatic word, trust me I’d much rather choose a harsher word. And this is the same in most conformist societies. Such men live a closeted life where they have a picture perfect life: wife, kids, and the works. But the reality is that they live a dual existence. In the case of Navin and Navin, they just chose to be non-conformers and honest (India Abroad).

When I talk of a new generation of Sindhis, this is exactly what I’m talking about; people who are independent in their thinking and living, who aren’t scared to be different and who are definitely not worried about what people will say. You really have to hand it to these lads. It can’t have been easy for them on any level.

I realized today, as community, if one person defies the status quo, it almost opens a floodgate for others to follow in queue. Whether its divorce (now perhaps too common) or marrying outside our community/culture, its taken time, but we’ve managed to accept these otherwise too modern ways of life. Perhaps what Navin and Navin have done is just open yet another door.

I don’t think they were looking for approval from anyone with regards to their relationship though. Either way, I cannot be happier for these gentlemen. Defying the status quo is what I’m all about and it’s great to see a lot more who are willing to say, “Screw you society!”

Here’s wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and love. More power to you gentlemen!

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