The Use of Social Media

I read a rather interesting article about the different ways in which journalists are using Social Media. The first way in which they are using it is by networking. It’s not just about “linking” up with people. It’s about reaching out apparently. For example, some PR agents actually scout for writers by contacting writers via Twitter. They tweet potential writers with information about their product, gadget and even widgets asking them for their advice, take or even an article. Writers, on the other hand, are out to listen to what you, the people, are interested in. In addition, they also use Twitter to connect with people they might not be able to in any other way.

Most writers realize the importance of research. But it’s not the traditional research that they are looking for. It’s of course, important to find information through the internet and secondary sources. However, most writers now understand that using Social Media, they can get first hand primary information from people who are experiencing a situation or can give out information that no one else has.

I find myself scouting for stories all over various Social Media platforms. Most of the time, using Twitter and Facebook, you are able to get an idea as to what people are interested in or what topics are making the rounds. For example, the Royal Wedding seems to be the talk of the town on all Social Media sites and thus, the number of wedding related articles and posts are sky-rocking high. Not surprising of course, since this is one of the hottest topics around Social Media town.

The idea of news being circulated is being questioned by skeptics all over. People even believe that the name, “Social Media” should be changed to “Mass-Media”. But when I think about it, it really is the same. Social Media is about exchanging information. And clearly that is what most journalists need to take advantage of.

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