How to Practice Facebook

Facebook, in my opinion, is by far one of the smarter Social Media platforms. It isn’t fair to compare but Facebook is definitely one of the easier places to publicize your work. Has it made the life of a journalist and/or writer better? Yes, definitely! Everything about it works wonders for writers. No longer do you need to worry about getting your word out there. Via the post link, journalists can share work, which apparently is one of the rules of Facebook. It’s not just about sharing your own writing on Facebook but work of those you may like or feel is worth a read.

In terms of how it can affect the practice of journalism, well then, it really depends on what you need from Facebook, I believe. For instance, if I wanted to increase traffic to my blog, I would join groups where liked-minded people would read and also share my work. In addition, I could regularly update posts on my own wall.

There are other ways to keep Facebook in the loop as a journalist. The one characteristic that Facebook provides you with which no other Social Media platform does, is allows you to join groups and fan groups. This, I believe, is what makes Facebook so different and unique. As a writer, I want to connect and network with people who like myself, want to increase their viewership and readership too. Thus, the best way is to network. It is a lot easier to network on Facebook because you eliminate the uneasiness that can is evident in person-to-person contact or even via LinkedIn and Twitter.

As a journalist, Facebook has proved to be incredibly helpful in the networking department. Not only that, but it has allowed me to connect with people who have worked in areas that are of a particular interest to me. I find that if one is able to fully utilize Facebook properly, you would be able to help journalists do a lot more with their work.

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